Barn Wedding Favors: Barn Themed Ideas

A barn wedding by design is one that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of memories.

The barn setting is usually a spot that guests won’t forget, especially if you leave them with a lasting favor.

The options for barn wedding favors are limitless, but those gifts to guests should be associated with your theme in some way, shape or form.

Whether you select favors that are handmade or a little bit rustic, your guests will remember your barn wedding, the special day that stood out from the rest of the weddings that they attend.

With this unique theme for a wedding, you can play on the location with local products or actually craft something yourself.

Regardless of what item you choose, your barn wedding favors should be fun to assemble and compose.

They will lend that lasting impression of your day to your guests.

If you can’t seem to think of what favors will fit into your barn wedding, here are a few ideas.

Flower and Plant Seed Packets --

Wedding Favors: Flower and Plant Seed Packets

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One of the most economical wedding favors for a barn wedding are flower and plant seed packets. You can mix wildflower seeds and place them in a burlap pouch or just plain paper packaging. It is a favor that lasts as your guests will be able to watch your favor grow in their gardens. Flower and plant seed packets also go well with barn weddings as they are often held on farms and ranches where nature reigns supreme.

If you want to step up your barn wedding favor, you can always hand out potted budding plants if you want something with a bit more substance.

In addition to the flower and plant seed packets, you can attach cutesy sayings to those favors that further the laid-back feel of a barn wedding. Many brides and grooms pass out flower seeds with sayings like “Let your love grow” or “Forget me not” to give guests something that will put a smile on their  faces.

If you would rather steer clear of cutesy sayings, you can merely have you names and wedding date printed on the pouches or packets so that guests can remember where and why they received this budding favor.

Horseshoes --

Horseshoe Wedding Favor Ideas

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Throughout time, horseshoes have been known to be good luck charms. While you might not have thought of horseshoes as a wedding favor, they do make for an unique gift and keepsake for guests. By giving guests a cast iron horseshoe, you are in essence passing out a good luck charm.

You can have a message engraved on the horseshoe or just attach a tag with some twine so that your guests know that this is the favor item. They can place it in their homes as a good luck charm or décor item and always remember your special day when they see it.

Such a favor is one that lasts, unlike food and drink wedding favors.

Honey --

Use honey as a wedding favor for your guests

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Along the same lines as jam, another perfect wedding favor for a barn wedding is honey. Less labor intensive, you can purchase local honey in large quantities and then transfer the sweetness into little jars for your wedding guests. Honey with a honey comb promotes the natural vibe of a barn wedding, especially if you are having a more rustic barn wedding.

Just like with jam or flower seeds, you can attach sayings to the jars of honey like “sweet as honey” or “take the sweetness home with you” or even "meant to bee," giving your guests yet another aspect to your wedding to smile about.

Box of Matches --

How about a Box of Matches for your wedding favors

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Matches as wedding favors don’t just make for great puns like “what a match," or “match made in heaven.” They also further the barn wedding agenda. A matchbox made to look rustic or vintage with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date suggests another time.

Barn weddings are often affairs trapped back in another time, especially if you are getting married in an historic barn.

Match boxes are also fully customizable which can be useful if you need mass quantities for a big barn wedding.

Jam --

Jam is a great wedding favor idea for your guests

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If you have a little Martha Stewart in you, jam wedding favors always go with a barn wedding. Rustic by nature, jam harks back to the days of old when jam making was a regular weekend activity. You can either play on the flavors of your wedding or go with something completely different. For jam that will impress your guests, it is always best to use whatever fruit is in season for the best tasting jam.

If you aren���t crafty or useful in the kitchen, rather than homemade jam, you can purchase a local product. One of the reasons that jam makes for a great barn wedding favor is that you can also dress up the jars to go with your wedding theme. From burlap covers to lace ribbons, the jam jar is much like the barn wedding venue. It is a blank canvas that will extend your wedding theme and also give guests something to remember you by as long as the jam holds up.

Just like flower and plant seed packets, you can attach sayings to the jar like “spread the love” to further the wedding tone.

Your Turn...

Have you had a barn wedding? What favors did you pass out to your guests?

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