Barn wedding invitations: Ideas & Inspiration

As I flipped through the giant binders of wedding invitations, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be easy.

Wedding invitations come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Pegging down one set invitation can be more difficult than deciding on the dress or the venue.

There can also be too many options floating around a bride’s head, leaving you spinning in a sea of wedding invites.

In my wedding invitation search, I realized that I needed to focus on the theme of my wedding to literally get my wedding message across to my guests, and to weed through all of the options.

If you are throwing a barn wedding, the options for wedding invitations can seem endless even when you just focus on this theme.

Invitations are an important aspect to the wedding. They set the tone and feel of the wedding as you are directly addressing guests. You want them to get excited about your wedding day and also have an idea of what it is going to be about.

With a barn wedding, your invitations are your first opportunity to clue your guests in on the type of wedding venue and the style of your wedding. You need to incorporate materials and elements that are authentic to your barn wedding venue.

Before you dive into this endless sea of invitations, we have come up with a few barn wedding invitation staples that send a rustic yet elegant message to your guests.

Chalkboard Inspired Invitations

Barn wedding ideas for your invitations

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Chalkboard details at barn weddings have become a key décor element in the wedding industry. Using chalkboards at your barn wedding doesn’t have to end with the menus, programs and seating charts.

The possibilities for using chalkboard elements are endless right down to your invitations.

Many companies make chalkboard inspired invitations. These invites often look like a chalkboard. They can cut back on invitation design complications, as the backdrop is already set.

You have to work with a black or gray color backdrop, which merely calls for deciding on what lettering you want for your chalkboard message.

One of the benefits of using chalkboard invitations is that it lends a classic look to your invites, without being overly rustic. At the same time, it tells your guests that your wedding is not set in the average country club or hotel ballroom.

Your location will be a more casual, chalkboard menus kind of affair.

Unique Shapes and Sizes

Wedding Invitation Ideas: Barn Wedding Venue

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Due to the barn wedding location, you can certainly go untraditional with your invitations as the venue is different from most reception halls.

One easy way to convey a barn wedding venue theme in your invitations is to play on unique shapes and sizes for your invites. By utilizing different shapes for invites and various sizes of envelopes, you are telling your guests that this will not be your typical wedding. The invitations aren’t square with a basic envelope.

By going more unconventional, your guests will be in touch with the fact that your wedding isn’t at your standard event. It also suggests that the couple has a whimsical and fun side.

Nature Inspired Invites

Invitations for a barn wedding theme

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Barn weddings by nature incorporate many natural elements, from barrels of hay to grassy meadows where the barns perch. Invitations to a barn wedding give you the opportunity to play on the natural elements of the wedding venue.

One idea that you can easily add to your invitation is recycled brown paper. You can incorporate nature by way of not just the paper but also with the little details. You can have leaf or grass images added to the invites to further the barn wedding theme. Other brides select invitations that are tied with twine to add that natural element.

One of the main benefits to using nature inspired invites to your barn wedding is that it indicates to your guests what the wedding will be like. Nature inspired invitations tell guests that the wedding isn’t at a five star hotel but rather it is taking place in a more natural setting. As a result, your guests can plan their attire according to a more natural location.

Barn Image Invites

Barn wedding venue invites

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Barn wedding invitations can also literally focus on the barn itself. There are a number of invitations that feature the classic barn image. This type of barn wedding invitation tells guests exactly where and what type of wedding they are invited to by the happy couple.

For more personalization, you can have the image of your actual barn incorporated into the invitations in the form of an etching or drawing.

Other barn wedding couples decide to incorporate the barn theme and the unique shape idea into an invitation. Some invitations are shaped like a barn with pop out doors that open to reveal the wedding details and information. Your guests are opening the barn door and in the process learning a great deal about the wedding setting.

Creative Wedding Invitations & Ideas

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Burlap Accented Invitations

Burlap wedding invitation ideas

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One of the latest trends in wedding décor is burlap. Not only is it versatile and representative of rustic elegance, but also it is very budget friendly.

Burlap doesn’t merely need to accent your tables or adorn your centerpieces for a barn wedding. It can also be used in the invitations to introduce the rustic mood to your wedding right from the start.

Some easy ways to incorporate burlap into invites can be as simple as using a burlap ribbon tied around the invitation card. You could also lay your wedding invites on burlap to create a burlap backdrop or frame for your wedding information. Do-it-yourself brides can easily achieve this look with a visit to a craft store.

Overall, using burlaps with your invitation conveys a natural and organic feel to the event. For brides looking to extend the handmade tone of their barn wedding, a burlap wedding invite always works to send out this message to guests.

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