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Not unlike the summer wedding, the beach wedding requires a hair and makeup regime fitting for the weather, conditions and setting. Even if your beach wedding isn’t in the summer months, beach weddings come chalk full of salty sea air and blaring sunlight that can take its toll on your bridal beauty routine.

Brides bound for a beach wedding must consider their natural, outdoor surroundings when they begin to think about their wedding day hair and makeup. You are already in a naturally gifted location and your hair and makeup must float seamlessly into that scene. Overdone hair and makeup will only look out of place in a beach setting. To ensure a peachy beach wedding day in the beauty department, you can utilize these seven basic hair and makeup tips.

1. Know What Works for Your Hair and Skin

In the case of wedding day hair, many brides want to look like themselves but turned up a few notches. Beginning with your hair, you need to know what works and what doesn’t work with your hair type. If your hair doesn’t tend to enjoy humid climates like those on beaches, it might be best to go with an up-do for your wedding day look. If you do want to wear you hair down for your beach wedding, you must take the proper steps so that it will hold up. You will need products to hold a curl along with anti-humidity spray to keep your look in place.

With beach wedding makeup, you have to be true to your skin. If you tend to have oily patches, you will want extra powder and blotting strips on hand for a beach affair. If your skin dries out easily, you will need to prepare with moisturizer to avoid flaky wedding day skin.

The bottom line remains with beach wedding hair and makeup. You must first be true to your hair and skin before you can begin styling. Certain looks and techniques might work for the bridal model in the magazine but they might not translate specifically for your hair and skin type.

2. Keep Wedding Day Hair Relaxed and Natural

For an indoor wedding or even a wedding during the winter months, those tight up-dos or tight curls might look just right. However, for a beach wedding, you can look overdone if your hair is not relaxed and natural. At the same time, beach brides can still have fun with their locks.

If you are getting married on the beach, you should consider if you want your hair up or down. If you do want it up, a low and loose bun or chignon tends to blend into the beach scene. Uptight up-dos don’t look natural on sands. Many beach brides go with a low and loose up-do to keep their hair out of their face if the winds kick up.

If you want to wear you hair down, braiding can be great option to keep your hair down yet still somewhat out of your face. A fishtail braid lends a beach look in more ways than one. A half up half down hairstyle with braiding blends into the beach setting, while still giving you something special on your wedding day mane.

3. Find a Good Foundation and Powder Match

Nothing can be more glaring than a beach bride uttering her vows with a foundation and powder that clearly doesn’t match. The bright sun of the beach can be a magnifying glass on the skin. It is important to have the best match possible in terms of foundation and powder so that you don’t get a makeup line in your photographs.

To make certain you are wearing the right shade, it is a good idea to have a makeup trial for your beach wedding day. Your makeup artist should also take you out into the natural light in the heat of the day to make certain that your makeup is invisible to the naked eye.

4. Accessorize Hair with Pins, Barrettes or Flowers

You might not be able to pull off a super tight up-do for your beach wedding, but you can always accessorize your locks to still make you hair feel special. Small hairpins add subtle touches of sparkle and interest. They can even keep the beach breezes from taking their toll on your look. A barrette can also help you hold your beach waves back so that your hair isn’t flapping in the wind. Flowers in the hair also work well for beach weddings as they reflect the organic and natural feel to a beach wedding.

5. Limit The Gloss

If you have ever been outside when a breeze kicks up and you have a fully glossed lip, you know just how much of a disaster it can be. While lip-gloss might work for other weddings, the beach wedding isn’t always kind to glossy lips. If your hair is down, the wind can whip up, causing a lip-gloss cling across your face. Also gloss can create quite the glare in photographs under the bright sun. While you can apply lip-gloss after the ceremony and once the majority of your photographs have been taken, it is a good idea to avoid the mess during the ceremony.

6. Hydrate

It isn’t just important to hydrate for a beach wedding to avoid fainting in the sun. Hydration is also crucial for good hair and makeup at a beach wedding. The salty sea air can be very dehydrating for the skin. In the weeks leading up to your beach wedding, you should be sure to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. On the day of your beach wedding, you will also need to use a moisturizer so that your skin will be hydrated the whole day.

Your hair can also dry out in beach settings. While you should consult your hair stylist on what products to use to avoid dry and brittle locks, a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is always recommended leading up to the wedding day.

7. Don’t Overdo It

While it is you wedding day, you should never overdo your hair and makeup for a beach wedding. Just as a very formal and stiff wedding dress doesn’t work for the beach, an overdone face and hair that doesn’t seem to move will clash with the beach setting. Your hair and makeup should enhance the setting, but not look out of place within it.

Your Turn…

What hair and makeup tips do you recommend for beach weddings? Share your ideas with us in the comments below...

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