Beach Wedding Save the Date Guide

Once you decide to have your wedding on a beach or in a town on the water, you can begin the process of finding the right save the date to make your wedding announcement.

While all save the dates announce the who, what, where, when and why of your wedding, a beach wedding allows the couple to have a bit of fun with their save the dates.

If you select to have your wedding on the beach, you are probably a bit more relaxed than other couples that go with grand ballrooms or hotel spaces for their wedding venue. You want to showcase that your wedding will be outdoors and in full view of the shoreline.

The save the dates for a beach wedding lend the opportunity to play with this theme. From palm trees to beach umbrellas, your save the dates can say it is all about the beach for this wedding.

Go Beyond Paper and Get Creative

Go Beyond Paper and Get Creative for your save the date

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Beach weddings don’t have to stick to traditional paper to send out the save the date message. Already a relaxed affair, you can go more untraditional with your save the dates. One easy way to get creative is to send save the dates by way of a message in a bottle. The romantic idea for a beach wedding is especially easy to execute for do-it-yourself brides.

To achieve the message in a bottle save the date, you merely need small bottles, a strip of paper with your save the date information printed on it, some sand and a cork. Couples should be sure to make the message easy to get out of the bottle. This creative beach wedding save the date might also call for a tag on the bottle to indicate whom the message is from.

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Another way in which you can go beyond paper for your beach wedding save the dates is by using real beach elements such as sand dollars and seashells. Even if you have to use paper as the backdrop, you can add on seashells, starfish, umbrellas or sand dollar details to make the save the dates more three dimensional.

The bottom line of getting creative with save the dates is that the shores are never the limit. The nature of a beach wedding allows you to get creative and less traditional with your first string of wedding communication.

Creative Beach Wedding Save the Dates

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Consider a Photo on the Beach

Beach Weddings Ideas

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One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to send out a beach wedding save the date message is by using a photo of the bride and groom on the beach. While most save the dates use a photo of the couple, a beach save the date would look strange with a cityscape or mountain setting photograph. You can use a photograph that you already have or arrange to have your photographs taken on the beach to use specifically for your save the date.

If you would rather not use a photo for your beach wedding save the date, you can always photograph the beach instead and use the sand as your text. You can write your names, the wedding date and the location of the wedding in the sand and take a photo of your message. You can then have your save the dates made around this photograph.

Save the Date Ideas for a Beach Themed Wedding

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Utilize Vintage Beach Postcards

Utilize Vintage Beach Postcards

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If you are getting married at a popular beach destination or a tropical locale, your save the dates can certainly take on a more vintage style. Vintage postcard save the dates are a great way to show off your beach wedding destination and also play on the travel aspect to your wedding.

You can search for vintage postcards of your location to work as your save the date cover or merely create your own to have a vintage look. While it harks back to the days of old, such a save the date also promotes the idea of travel and the beach at the same time.


Unique Save the Date Ideas

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Think Nautical

Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

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Beach themed save the dates can seem overloaded with seashells, sand and palm trees. If you are getting married on a beach or near one, you can convey the theme a little differently by selecting more nautical themed save the dates. Anchors, stripes, compasses and ships all make for fun beach wedding save the date accents.

Sea Shaped Save the Dates

Go with a Sea Shaped Save the Date

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Beach weddings save the dates don’t need to contain graphics with a sea theme. Rather you can have your save the dates made into different shapes that reflect a beach wedding theme. From flip flops to palm trees, having your save the date message on a medium shaped in the beach theme presents a quirky way to tell guests where the wedding will be.

If you decide to go with shaped save the dates in sea and beach themes, you might want to have them made into magnet save the dates. The fun shapes will be memorable reminders on guest’s fridges to keep that date open.


Weather Your Backdrops

Focus on the backdrop of your save the dates

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Beach wedding save the dates can get overly gimmicky. If you want to avoid being too kitschy for your save the dates, a classy way to convey a beach wedding theme is to merely focus on the backdrop of your save the dates.

You can use save the dates that don’t have any sea themed icons or graphics and rather a weathered backdrop. This promotes the beach theme without being overly in your face. A wood textured looking background suggests those beach shack walls weathered by sea salt and ocean waters.

Have you had a beach wedding or are you planning one?

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