Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme Ideas + Tips

Every little girl's visions of her dream wedding come from watching her favorite Disney movies.

No need for magic, all you need are the right details including location and decor and your prince charming.

We chose Beauty and the Beast to start our fairytale blog series because we believe the story of Belle and the prince is one of the most heartwarming and humbling.

Beauty and the Beast, or La Belle et la Bête, is originally a French fairytale, which means a strong theme of romance and French inspiration at your wedding. Here are details to include in your wedding when planning your own Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.


Inspired Wedding Themes

Roses are a must!

The main object of the Beauty and the Beast story is the rose.

Have them be your main wedding flower used in bouquets or centerpieces.

These can be red, which is the color of the rose in the glass while it is enchanted, or pink, the color of the rose when the spell is broken.

Wedding Themes

Photo via bridegirls on Etsy

Roses can also be implemented into your wedding jewelry.

Pair jewelry with roses along with classic elements such as pearls.

Etsy has rose accented jewelry such as bracelets which can be ordered in convenient bridesmaids sets and packaging.

Navy and Gold

Wedding Theme Ideas

Navy and gold are the regal colors that the prince and Belle are wearing in their tear-jerking ballroom dance scene as they sweep across a gilded ballroom with a starry blue night sky in the back.

These colors are easy to add into table decor, plateware and napkins.

They can also be emphasized through bridesmaids dresses.


Fairytale Wedding Theme

Photo via Alfred Angelo

Belle wears a gorgeous princess yellow ballroom dress with ruches at the bottom.

Be bold in a yellow wedding dress or keep the white and have bridesmaids in yellow or navy.

Disney has their own princess sponsored wedding dresses here.

If yellow is too much of a departure from white for you, a creamy white or golden dress would work.


Beauty and The Beast Wedding

Photo via UtahBrideBlog

Belle's unique hairstyle is partly pinned back and completely side-swept with lots of volume on top.

She completes her look with a yellow hairband tucked in her hair that can be directly duplicated or replaced with gold wedding hair adornments.

Hair in full curls will also look lovely on its own.


Wedding Planning

Beauty and the Beast loves bows!

Belle wears a side ponytail with a large sky-blue bow in the beginning, the beast dons a striking blue one to go the rest with his navy and gold outfit, and at the very end Belle wears a pink one.

Find a blue garter like the one above on Etsy which has hundreds to choose from.

You could place a bow in your hair to match Belle or have oversized bows wrapping around guest chairs.

Food and Drinks

Wedding Styles

Photo via florriebassingbourn, Flickr

A perfect wine for a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding would be a French one.

If you are still in love with the roses idea, go with a rosé!

As for food, begin with cocktail hour platters filled with pork and chicken liver pâtés, French cheeses and baguettes.

For the entree, a prime red meat fillet or coq au vin are traditional options, and of course end with a sweet cake.


Princess Wedding Theme

Guests will be dining in awe with roses encased in glass as centerpieces which look like they came straight from the movie.

Another option is having beautiful candelabras à la Lumière, the friendly candle-holding sidekick who helps bring the two lovers together.


Wedding Tips

Photo courtesy of Alehouse

Baroque is a classic style that takes us back to the Renaissance Era and all things golden and elaborate.

Reminders of royal court decor and Roman Catholic churches are brought to the mind.

Baroque elements can be included anywhere from the design of your invitations to the look of your cake to flatware.


Disney Wedding Theme

Photo via All the Lacy Details

Send out a save the date bookmark to coordinate with Belle's love of books.

The bookmarks also remind friends and family of your whole fairytale theme that culminates in a happily ever after.

You could also print menus using ornate storybook font or have a stacked book wedding cake for book-themed ideas.


Wedding Ideas

Photo via Jessica Fay photography

For your first wedding dance or the father-daughter dance "Tale as Old as Time" is the perfect song.

On the other hand "Be Our Guest" would be a fun song to play at the beginning of your wedding reception to make guests feel welcome and comfortable.


Belle Wedding Theme

Photo of Admont Abbey Library, Austria via Twisted Sifter

In the Beauty and the Beast, the prince has a a magnificent library.

Find a well-established public library in your area to book your wedding there or travel to one for a wedding to be surrounded by a cultured feel.

If you're looking for a castle like in the movie, Oheka Castle in New York, has been a favorite option for East Coast brides and event boasts a fantastic ballroom, while on the West Coast, the Valentino in California has a lovely Beauty and the Beast aura (see below).

Search our list of fairytale-esque locations here.

Real Life Beauty and the Beast Proposal at the Valentino Estate

Disney Wedding Theme Ideas

Last April we had the honor of witnessing a proposal that was staged as a romantic Beauty and the Beast themed photoshoot at our very own Valentino Estate in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego.

The Bride and Groom to-be posed alongside the Valentino's vibrant rose garden and at the forefront of the property's wooden doors and lawn.

The engagement was featured on Disney's Weddings Blog!