Best April Events: Coachella Festival

Spring has truly begun in April.

In the world of sports, traditional summertime games like baseball, golf and tennis are moving their seasons into full swing in April.

The weather is pleasant enough throughout the country (not too hot and not too cold) that outdoor festivals and concert series are held.

Around the world, some of the most fun and exciting traditional holidays are on the calendar.

In short, in April, it is time to get outside and enjoy some truly memorable festivals and events.

Here are the most anticipated events of April....

Tribeca Film Festival

Things to do in April: Tribeca Film

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This film festival, established by Robert De Niro, brings almost 3 million people to the Tribeca area of Lower Manhattan each year.

Independent feature films, documentaries and short films by emerging artists are celebrated through screenings, awards, workshops and much more.

Visitors can get tickets to the screenings or simply hang out and soak in the vibe in what has become one of New York City's hippest neighborhoods.

Famous Hollywood stars and up-and-coming actors and directors consider this one of the most important events of the festival calendar.

Major League Baseball Opening Day

April Sporting Events: Baseball Season is back

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Major league baseball is one of the most noticeable signs of Spring.

When teams take to the field in early April, even non-sports fans take notice.

For many, the home opener is as anticipated as the World Series.

Each major league city has hosted at least one series by mid-April, so no matter where you are, you can mark the change of seasons by taking in a game featuring the "Boys of Summer."

The Masters

Sporting Events in April: The Masters

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Augusta, Georgia is home to the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.

The Masters, held in mid-April, draws the world's best golfers.

Even non-golf fans watch the drama unfold on television or, if they are lucky enough to get tickets, in person.

The rural Georgia scenery, for which the Augusta National course is famous, is as impressive as the skills of the pro golfers who are competing for the coveted Green Jacket.

Thai New Year (Songkran)

Top April Travel Destinations

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For people who want to travel abroad in April, Songkran is one of the most interesting (and fun) dates on the calendar.

This Thai New Year celebration has many traditional elements, which can best be seen by heading to smaller towns in the countryside.

Temples in Bangkok can also be interesting places to check out the traditional side of this fest.

For most people, though, Songkran is best remembered as a giant water fight.

A spin on tradition (where water was used to symbolize cleansing the old year away), people now throw water in the streets at anyone and everyone.

Some tourists come specifically to experience the wet and wild fun (while others, who wish to remain dry during their travels, stay away).

Coachella Music Festival

Best April Events: Coachella Festival

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Coachella is one of the most anticipated festivals in the US.

It is held in the Southern California desert's Coachella Valley on two consecutive April weekends.

Many festival pass-holders choose to camp on-site for one or both weekends (tickets are sold separately for each weekend).

Major music names like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blur are festival regulars, and there are over 150 acts in total each year.

Coachella is not too far from Palm Springs, so festival-goers can spend a day or two in the popular desert getaway destination before or after the music.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let us know what your most-anticipated events are on the April calendar in the comments section below.