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Hello EWE-rs!

Has everyone been enjoying bridal shower season? If you are a bride-to-be we highly recommend taking a peek at all the options out there for your design and decor needs! There are great ideas and inspiration out there once you go out and find them!

Second of all, this week we've picked out the best beach wedding venues around the world for all those looking for some sun and surf on their big days. You will be glad to see a variety of options available no matter where you are located in the world!

Lastly we took the time to answer an important question of who we are and what services we provide.

Please take a look at these topics below and make sure to check out our featured estate of the week for all your private event needs!

Here is what you missed this week...

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-- Top 10 Wedding Accessories for the Winter-Destined Couple

-- Beach Wedding Venues – Best Locations Around The World

-- Best Dresses for a Barn Wedding: What to Consider When Shopping for Your Dress

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