Business people know the importance of making potential clients feel welcome, comfortable, and, most of all, important.

Sometimes, this requires some serious wining-and-dining.

For an important  business meeting or business conference, certain destinations are better than others because they provide a better selection of high-quality venues for business-related entertaining.

The better time a client, partner, or potential customer has while in your care, the more likely you will get a positive result from your time with them.

What are some of these ideal meeting destinations?


Arizona might not be the first place people think of when they are considering a location for hosting an important business meeting.

However, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area has plenty of noteworthy features that make it an ideal destination for a business gathering.

Scottsdale has one of the highest concentrations of golf courses in the entire country.

Many of these are world-class courses that are open year-round.

The Phoenix metro's Camelback District boasts a huge selection of world-class restaurants, nightclubs, upscale lounges, and shopping boutiques.

Rental estates, like the Camelback House in Scottsdale, provide a great venue for hosting a meeting or giving guests high quality accommodations while they are in town.

San Diego

Another Western destination that is ideal for hosting special events is the Southern California city of San Diego.

San Diego is known for is world-class eating and nightlife scenes and for its perpetually perfect weather.

The city's central Gaslamp Quarter is home to some of the West Coast's best restaurants and coolest lounges.

Golf, pro spectator sports, and water-sports can make even the most stressful business meeting feel like a vacation.

San Diego also boasts some unique rental estates that can act as accommodations for guests and/or as a conference or meeting venue.

One of the most unique options is the Helix 360 Rotating Home.

This estate is perched atop its namesake mountain and the building slowly rotates, giving whoever is inside a 360 degree view of the city below.

Sometimes a quieter destination is needed so that the hosts can get down to business with their clients in a serene setting, without distractions.

The Central Coast of California

The Central Coast of California is home to places like the Casa Corinna Estates, located in Santa Ynez.

This venue, and other estates like it in the area, boasts a remote but luxurious feel.

Casa Corinna is located in wine country and is literally surrounded by vineyards.

The garden-filled hacienda-style estate offers a perfectly secluded and quiet atmosphere for getting down to business.

Sometimes, the tropics can truly impress a prospective client.

Miami Floria

Miami, Florida is a great place for wining and dining because of its exclusive clubs and lounges, world-class restaurant scene, and high-end meeting places (not to mention year-round golfing).

Estates like the grand Sand Hill Estate are perfect for hosting meetings and providing accommodations for clients and guests.

US Virgin Island

A little further south, the exotic Villa  Intimasea on the US Virgin Island of Saint John is a perfect place for hosting business meeting because of its amazing views and open air seating areas.


Perhaps one of the most surprising top spots for hosting a business meeting is the city of Denver.

A hub for the Rocky Mountains and the Midwest, the Mile High City is arguably one of the easiest cities in the US to reach via air.

It's surprisingly cosmopolitan restaurant and nightlife scenes mean that there are plenty of wining-and-dining options.

Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado have a full menu of rental estates that are perfect for small or large business meetings and corporate events.

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