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Instagram is full of Wanderluster's traveling the world, sharing bucket list destinations, visiting all the wonders of the world, and sharing all their adventures along the way.

A Venueluster is a unique breed of Instagramers that go one step further than a wanderluster. A Venueluster is out there in the world experiencing some of the most amazing “I want to go there” hotels and accommodations. They are experiencing things that make you want to add that experience to your bucket list.

They make you so jealous of the pool they are swimming in, the suite they are sleeping in, the bathtub they are soaking in, and every cocktail and culinary masterpiece their camera lays its lens on. A Venueluster makes you desire to go to a destination because of a particular hotel or experience.

So we have rounded up some of our favorite Venueluster’s to follow on Instagram. From travel bloggers to professional photographers, these Venuelust influencers will have you packing your bags and planning your next adventure!

Let's jump in...

Lesley Murphy | The Road Les Traveled 

@lesleyannemurphy - 180k + Followers

  • Luxury Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: While most people may remember Lesley from season 17 of The Bachelor, Lesley Murphey is far from the bachelor mansion these days, globetrotting for her luxury travel blog The Road Les Traveled. Lesley inspires Venuelust, sharing her experiences including, luxury eco resorts in Patagonia, to helicopter adventures over the great barrier reef. She shares a great combination of photos and video clips which truly capture her entire experience. Lesley has made a brand with her dreamy hotel bathtub photos, which has created Venuelust for bathtub experiences alone. The Road Les Traveled covers her first-hand experiences at luxury accommodations, helpful travel itineraries, travel tips, and travel must-haves.

Laura Grier 

@lauragriertravel - 4k+ Followers

  • Professional Photographer
  • Website:
  • About: While Laura may be best known for her work with Novica & National Geographic, she is a self-proclaimed jet-setter at heart. Laura has been a globe-trotter from an early age having grown up internationally with two parents that worked for the CIA. She has over 60 countries under her belt and shares a wild collection of Venuelust experiences with her audience, which includes everything from exploring the Amazon on board the Delfin, to experiencing luxury safari camps in India. Not only will her Venuelust experiences make you extremely jealous, her photographs are so incredible you may even want to purchase them. Laura also teaches, mentors, and inspires other photographers through her travel workshops.

Brent Wallace | Where's Brent Been 

@WheresBrentBeen - 11.6k+ Followers

  • Luxury Travel Agent & Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Brent Wallace is not just a luxury travel agent and blogger, he is a luxury travel designer and that's very clear when you take a stroll or scroll through his Instagram feed. Brent’s feed is 100% focused on Venuelust. He shares stunning photos from his own luxury travel experiences as well as his clients. You rarely see him at a big chain hotel. His photos are full of luxury boutique hotels with unique style and design. Brent is based in Australia and is the director of several niche Australian travel companies including Travel Emporium, a boutique retail travel agency, and Smartflyer Australia - a collection of next-gen mobile travel agents.

Lauren Wells  

@laurenswells - 75.6k+ Followers  

  • Event Designer & Creative Director
  • Website:
  • About: Lauren Wells and husband Matthew Wells are jet-setting off to Venuelust-worthy weekend hideaways and luxury boutique hotels just about every other weekend. Not only will these two cause major Venuelust, but you may just fall in love with them too. Lauren knows how to create a perfect romantic weekend for two and does an even better job of sharing their story with their Instagram audience. Whether they are having a weekend escape to the American Trade Hotel in Panama City or a romantic getaway to The Woodstock Inn in Vermont, no matter where they are headed you will want to hop in their suitcase or stock their Instagram feed to experience the Venuelust right along with them. When Lauren is not traveling she is a creative director, providing Instagram marketing, content creation, and design consulting.

Daniel & Luiza | Travel Plus Style

@travelplusstyle - 31.9k Followers

  • Luxury Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Daniel and Luiza are the founders of an online travel magazine, Travel Plus Style. Their Instagram feed shares their personal photos of first-hand experiences at some of the most luxurious accommodations around the world. The photography (all shot by them) is outstanding. From luxury safari camps in Namibia to luxury private villas in Turkey, these two globetrotters are covering the globe to uncover venues that are providing not only the most stunning spaces but also top notch service and experiences. The Travel Plus Style online magazine shares hotel reviews, round-up articles, and travel tips.

Brooke Saward | World of Wanderlust

@worldwanderlust - 383k + Followers

  • Luxury Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Brooke Saward, at the age of 22, sold everything and hit the road as a solo traveler on a mission to see the world. Fast forward a couple years and this Venueluster is now one of the leading luxury travel bloggers and storytellers with a massive following. Her published book, The World of Wanderlust Story has inspired young aspiring writers to get out and see the world. Brooke has had the opportunity to experience and share some of the best accommodations in the world. From safari camp hopping in Kruger National Park with Singita to soaking in one of the most photogenic bathtubs in the world at Thalia Haven, in her homeland of Tasmania.

Jessica Wright | Bon Traveler

@bontraveler - 38.8k+ Followers

  • Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Jessica not only shares stylish images of her time spent at unique boutique hotels but she is also sharing trendy places to dine and the scenic towns and landscape of where she is visiting. Jessica is uncovering hidden gems all over and you will never catch her at a chain restaurant or hotel. She knows how to pair a delicious cup of coffee or cocktail with a venue for the perfect Instagram shot, which will make you want to teleport yourself to sip a beverage right along with her.

Hermione Olivia

@hermioneolivia - 45.9k Followers

  • Fashion & Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: One of my newest Venueluster’s to follow is Hermione Olivia. I recently discovered Hermione Olivia after her recent African adventures with World of Wanderlust at Singita. Hermione Olivia is a fashion, lifestyle + travel blogger and the Aussie native definitely knows how to pair a great outfit with each destination she visits. From frolicking with giraffes in Kenya to exploring the streets of Paris, this fashionista is a Venueluster worth following.

Becky van Dijk | We Are Travel Girls 

@beckyvandijk - 12k Followers @wearetravelgirls - 36.9k Followers

  • Travel Guru
  • Website:
  • About: Becky is the founder of @WeareTravelGirls, sharing real girls' travels to inspire adventures. On her personal account @beckyvandijk she is sharing her very own travel experiences that will cause some major Venuelust. From ice hotels in Finland to strolling down picturesque streets in Spain, she is a traveling girl you want to be following.

Nicola Easterby | Polkadot Passport

@polkadotpassport - 59.2k Followers

  • Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Nicola is a travel blogger with a great eye for capturing the perfect Instagram shot. This Aussie native has explored 31 countries and counting and shares the perfect balance of dreamy pools, delicious looking breakfasts, adventure, and unique Venuelust-worthy spaces.

Katie Frederick | Ever After Honeymoons

@eahoneymoons - 13k+ Followers

  • Honeymoon Planner
  • Website:
  • About: Katie Frederick of Ever After Honeymoons plans luxury honeymoons for clients all around the world. Her Instagram profile is packed with her personal travels to Venuelust-worthy destinations and hotels around the world. From private villas in Bocas Del Toro to boutique beachfront cabanas in Brazil, Katie is tackling the globe one luxurious venue at a time.

Kristen Kellogg | Border Free Travels

@borderfreetravels - 29k+ Followers

  • Filmmaker, Travel Blogger, and Brand Consulting 
  • Website:
  • About: Kristen, founder of Border Free Travels is off uncovering and experiencing off the beaten path (and Venuelust worthy) destinations and accommodations around the globe. She calls Nantucket home which is enough to make most people jealous and when she is not at “home” she is engaging in and experiencing the real culture of each place she visits. From intimate boutique hotels in New England to private estates in South Africa, Border Free Travels inspires us to add a few places to our list.

Brian Kelly | The Points Guy

@thepointsguy - 60.9k followers

  • Travel Blogger & Reward Point Guru
  • Website:
  • About: While The Points Guy may not be sharing much Venuelust on the ground, he certainly has the sky covered. Brian Kelly is flying all over the world staying in and experiencing every first class and business class cabin that exists. From Etihad's residential suites to Singapore Airline's first class suites, Brian Kelly has experienced it and all by using reward points. So if you want to make yourself jealous or learn how to get the most out of your travel reward's points then you need to follow The Points Guy.

Susan Moynihan | The Honeymoonist

@TheHoneymoonist - 9k+ Followers

  • Honeymoon Consultant
  • Website:
  • About: Susan Moynihan is a travel editor and honeymoon consultant scouting luxury accommodations around the world for her audience and clients. Susan combines her favorite hotels with her personal travels on her feed. Susan is always in the know of the newest openings and ready to share the news with her audience.

Jessica Stein | Tuula Vintage 

@tuulavintage - 2.2 Million Followers

  • Travel & Personal Style Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: With 2.2 million followers, you are most likely one of them. This fashionista is hopping from one continent to the next, staying in some of the most incredible accommodations all while looking fabulous. Her blog, Tulla Vintage, shares even more incredible photos from her travels along with fashion and lifestyle content.

Luke Whittaker 

@lukekwhittaker - 12.8k+ Followers

  • Luxury Travel Blogger
  • Website:
  • About: Luke Whittaker, the co-founder of Venuelust, shares our personal travel experiences on his Instagram page. A behind the scenes look at our journey to uncover the most amazing + off the beaten path venues around the world. From the food we love to indulge in, to the places we stay, it's less business and more fun, like island hopping in the Maldives, to game drives in South Africa, it's 100% Venuelust.

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