With a deep sense of history, unparalleled scenic beauty, and loads of charm, New England is a great region for hosting a destination wedding.

The state of Vermont might not be the most populous state in the Northeastern US, but it has the type of landscapes and the classy-but-rural feel that many people imagine when dreaming about creating the perfect New England-based wedding.

The estates that host weddings in Vermont all have a dose of this romantically rustic ambiance, but they are certainly not without luxuries.

Let's just say that these places are perfect for anyone who wants a wedding that doesn't rely on gaudy decorations and over the top facilities to impress the attendees, but rather focuses on offering real charm and understated classiness.

Vermont's estates provide the backdrop and all the requisite comforts and services so that the bride and groom can focus on what weddings are really all about: making memories and celebrating romance.

If you are in search of the perfect Vermont estate for your wedding, here is where to look:

Richmond, Vermont's West Monitor Barn 

This Century-old barn can host up to 200 people inside, while larger wedding ceremonies and receptions can be accommodated on the property's spacious lawns.

The landscapes of the famous Green Mountains sit all around the West Monitor Barn, providing a postcard-like backdrop for the wedding celebrations hosted there.  The interior of the barn, meanwhile, boasts the mix of rustic feel and classic style that many couples expect from a New England wedding venue.

Chester, Vermont's Fox Chair Mountain Farm

This 18th Century estate, which sits in the hub of Chester, Vermont, is set among 45 acres of gorgeous scenery.  Period gardens and authentic details have been lovingly tended so that the farm still maintains its historic ambiance.

Of course, the landscapes, an important variable for anyone dreaming of a Vermont wedding, are on full display at Fox Chair.  Rolling green hills, forest and a mountain-filled skylines make this truly special wedding venue.

Pittsfield, Vermont's Riverside Farm

Located in rural Pittsfield, Vermont, the Riverside Farm is a private estate that hosts weddings and special events.  It features an indoor barn area that is ideal smaller parties and wintertime weddings and events and a large lawn that is perfect for outdoor weddings.

The mountainous ski country that snow-lover flock to Vermont to enjoy sits all around the property.  This makes a wintertime wedding especially attractive option for those considering the Riverside.

Vermont is definitely a destination worth looking into for any couple that wants their wedding to be staged in a place of great natural beauty and romantically rustic charm.