Blue Train

The Blue Train is the ultimate Venuelust on wheels and certainly one of the experiences on our honeymoon to do list that we were most looking forward to. Former presidents and kings have ridden the blue train, traveling from the South to North and doing so with ultimate style and grace. Viewing the most picturesque scenery including the vast grasslands, vineyards, deserts, and even wildlife. A honeymoon or a romantic getaway is the best excuse to splurge such an experience as the Blue Train.

South Africa
So now that we have experienced it, I would more than recommend everyone who visits South Africa to make sure this luxurious adventure and once in a lifetime journey is on your bucket list and here is why...

Seeing the entire South African Countryside aboard a luxury train

South Africa

I never even considered the scenery nor did I have any idea of how amazing the South Africa countryside really is. Passing through vineyards followed by miles and miles of bush. Spending our honeymoon on board the Blue Train was one of the most romantic and picturesque experiences we have ever had.

Luxury Blue train South Africa Honeymoon views

Step back in time and into the shoes of some of the wealthiest people -  including kings, presidents, politicians, and celebrities, who road the blue train.

Blue train South Africa

You feel like royalty from the first moment you arrive at the Blue Train lounge at the train station departing from Cape Town headed to Pretoria. Sip on coffee in the lounge while you wait for the train to arrive and once it arrives you are lead to your private luxury cabin on board the Blue Train. Once you get settled in you are greeted by your private butler, your suite attendant and then the manager to assure you have everything you need and if you dont, you know that you can ask for whatever you need at any time.

Luxury Blue Train South Africa honeymoon  service

Every meal you have you will be greeted by the same waiter who knows you by name, will know what you like to drink after the first meal, and will make sure to take note of any dietary restrictions or requests so that he or she can notify the chef. The top notch service continues throughout the stay on the blue train with endless cocktails, 5 star meals and of course cuban cigars.

Take an Unexpected Detour

luxury blue train honeymoon kimberly south africa

Planning a trip to South Africa would not be complete without experiencing a safari, visiting the penguins in Cape Town, climbing Table Mountain, and drinking South African wine in the winelands but most visitors to South Africa do not plan to stop in the small town of Kimberley, South Africa. At 1:00pm we arrive at Kimberley Station. A small town in the middle of South Africa which feels like you have been transported in time.

Blue Train South Africa Kimberly Sherry tasting

A sherry tasting is what is on the agenda and quick tour of the cute town somehow encouraged people to start singing old songs and dance to the beat of their own drum. A day we never expected to have on our trip to South Africa, certainly became one of the most memorable.

Enjoy High Tea like a true South African

Blue Train South Africa Honeymoon High Tea

High tea is one of the highlights to experience anywhere in South Africa and onboard the Blue Train is unlike any other high tea. Where can you sip tea, snack on delicious cakes and sandwiches, and watch South Africa pass you by?

Get all dressed up in elegant attire for dinner aboard the Blue Train

Luxury Blue Train South Africa honeymoon all inclusive

One of the highlights on board the Blue Train is the dining experience and dinner is no exception. Dresses and Suits are required and stop off at the bar to have a pre dinner cocktail and chat with other guests on board is a must. After a 3 course meal and lots of wine, a visit to the smoking cart (whether you smoke or not) is a must to enjoy a cuban cigar and sip sherry on board the Blue Train.

Its once in a lifetime!!

Luxury blue train south africa views

How many times in your life will you experience a luxury train that will take you across a country as beautiful as South Africa? Spending one night of our South Africa honeymoon on board the Blue Train will leave us with a lifetime of memories. While most honeymooners are researching All inclusive hotels for honeymoons, A honeymoon on board the luxury blue train is not only off the beaten path but an experience you will never forget.

Blue Train

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