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A few weeks before we headed to South America, I came across Flytographer on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. My initial thought was

Uber for Photographers, how cool is that?!!

Whether you are honeymooning in Paris or planning a family trip to New York City, Flytographer makes it easy to hire a photographer with a click of a button. You can hire one of Flytographer's photographers by the hour or by the day to capture your experience so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Being in the honeymoon, destination events, & travel industry I know the importance of capturing this once in a lifetime experience and I often hear, “I wish I would have taken more pictures” or “my pictures just don’t do it justice.” So why not spend a couple hours with a professional to follow you around and capture a candid true view of your experience.

Unlike Uber, Flytographer does not allow just anyone to become a photographer. Flytographer has an application process the photographers must go through before they become a Photographer for Flytograpther. Most major cities have at least a few photographers so you can view each photographers portfolio and learn about them prior to choosing.

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Since we had a trip focusing on scouting honeymoon venues in South America just around the corner, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give Flytographer a try for ourselves.

We had just a few stopovers in major cities like Buenos Aires and Santiago, which are two cities that Flytographer currently has photographers in the areas we would be. We had more time scheduled in Buenos Aires and since it was a bit more of a picturesque city we decided to see if Flytographer had an available photographer on the one full day we had scheduled in Buenos Aires.

Flytographer was quick to respond and Gus for Flytographer was available. We then received an email with a few questions about us, what was the special occasion, Type of photos we were most interested in (candid or posed) if we had any area of interest, and how many hours were we interested in.

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We knew we wanted candid photos and we decided to let the photographer choose where to photograph since we really knew very little about Buenos Aires and since he is local, we thought he would have a better idea of photogenic locations. We submitted the questionnaire and received a confirmation very quickly. We then received a direct email from Flytographer with all of Gus’s contact information and the address of where to meet. They even sent some tips on what to wear and how to get the most out of the shoot.

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To be honest, we are not two people that love to be in front of the camera. I remember how awkward we felt when we had our wedding photos taken and we skipped an engagement session altogether because it wasn’t really our cup of tea to frolic on the beach and hold hands. At first, Luke was not thrilled about our scheduled photo session because he thought it would be our wedding all over again. I had to assure him that would not be the case to get him on board.

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Gus had suggested that we meet in the late afternoon for the twilight hour to get the best lighting and he suggests meeting in San Telmo. We had one hour scheduled with Gus. We met him at Starbucks and within minutes, we had already hit off with Gus. We hadn’t explored San Telmo yet so not only did we have a professional photographer for an hour but also a local tour guide.

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Luke and I would have spent hours walking down streets, trying to find markets, and any other picturesque area just to capture a few decent shots for our blog. Being with a local like Gus, he knew where all the markets were, the graffiti filled walls, and cute little cafes and tango bars were and we were able to see so much in the hour we were with him. Gus also made suggestions and places to see and not to be missed in Buenos Aires during our short stopover.

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While we did take some posed shots, if felt completely natural. Gus casually followed us through the markets and the streets and snapped away and at times it almost felt like he wasn’t even there.

Maybe because we were in our element (unlike our wedding) doing what we do and love most in life but it was the first time we truly felt comfortable in front of a camera. If you follow us, you see mostly shots from behind or profile photos just completely avoiding the camera so we were more than pleasantly surprised with our experience and how comfortable we were with Gus for Flytographer.

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I think some people may not like the idea of having to plan for a photo shoot while on vacation because you have that stereotypical photo-shoot in mind like that dreaded family portrait session or engagement session but the Flytographer experience is anything but that.

If anything you are saving time by getting all the photos you need to make those memories last a lifetime in a very short period of time. You can then set your camera aside and not worry about taking photos. The added bonus of a tour guide/local to show you around town is a huge perk. We saw tour groups walking around San Telmo getting a history lesson in huge groups. For a little bit more money you can spend your time with a local who also happens to be a fantastic photographer. WIN WIN.

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Flytographer is ideal for honeymooners, elopements, destination weddings, and family travel. Flytographer has photographers based in 175 Major cities all over the world.

Packages range from $250.00 to $875.00

To book Flytographer for your next adventure to buy a gift for engaged couple or travel love friend, Click Here.

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