The holidays areBusiness Holiday Cards: Ideas and Tips almost here!

So now it’s time to say “thanks” to both clients and colleagues for all their support over the past year.

And there’s no better way to express your gratitude and strengthen these relationships than by sending a classy holiday card.

However, due to the large number of companies that send holiday cards these days, it’s important to find a greeting that will have your company standing out from the rest.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your time & money are well spent...

Quality Makes a Difference

When choosing a holiday card, keep in mind that it is a representation of your organization—so don’t cut corners and settle for something of low quality.

Your greeting should be an accurate reflection of your company’s superior standards.

So make sure that the card you choose is thick and durable.

Also, the print quality should be vibrant and filled with rich detail.

After all, don’t you want to impress everyone by sending a holiday greeting that’s full of professional posh?

Holiday Cards: Ideas and Inspiration 

Customizing Your Card

It’s also important to find a card that allows you to personalize each and every detail.

By having full control over design elements such as the color, font, and the ability to include your company’s logo, your cards will look like they were custom made specifically for your organization.

Including a Photo


While adding a picture on your company’s holiday greeting isn’t a necessity, it’s a nice touch that will certainly make your cards stand out.

And depending on the look and style of your greeting, you’ll want to feature a photo that matches.

So if your card has a festive theme, schedule a fun photo shoot where everyone in the office dresses up in cheesy holiday sweaters and wear Santa hats.

Or if you want to do something a little less silly, take a tasteful photo of your team in professional business attire.

Business Holiday Cards


What to Say

One of the most important parts of your company’s holiday card is the personalized message.

While a simple “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” is just fine, it doesn’t have the same impact that a more intimate or even hand written message tends to have.

By including a short personalized note in each holiday card, it shows that you took time and care in recognizing each client as an individual.


Use It as a Marketing Tool

Aside from sending corporate holiday cards to clients and colleagues, it’s also a good idea to send them to other people in your network as well.

This can be a powerful marketing tool that can lead to greater brand awareness and future business.

However, even though this is a great way to market your company, you don’t want your card to come across as a piece of promotional material.

That’s why in the card’s message, you should avoid talking about your products or services and put more emphasis on the recipient.

Corporate Holiday Cards

An Alternative Way of Showing Your Appreciation

Finally, if you have extra time and your budget allows for it, the very best way to make clients feel special is to invite them to a company holiday party.

Whether it’s a ritzy soiree or you simply plan on having a casual get together with some cocktails, taking the time to mingle and socialize with clients will no doubt make your professional relationships even stronger.

But depending on the type of gathering you’re hosting, make sure you send an invite that matches the theme.

So if you’re organizing an elegant event at a private estate or country club, sending a sophisticated holiday party invitation will definitely set the right tone for your upcoming celebration.

 Corporate Holiday Parties