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If you're the type of guy who would rather soak up the sun with a Corona in hand on a tropical beach as opposed to wading around in a crowded Vegas pool, we've got the perfect bachelor weekend for you! You're a class act and your celebration should be too, that's why a private villa in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas is a stylish, fun, and sophisticated way to celebrate. Now's the time to escape the typical bachelor party reminiscent of college frat days because bachelor parties are about spending time with your guys and doing things you might not have time for after marriage.

We know a bachelor weekend seems like a daunting task to plan, but you'll be surprised how easy it is to pull off the ultimate bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas.

Pick Your Group 

The Villa Clara Vista estate accommodates up to 12 guests, which leaves you with 11 lucky guys you get to bring along. Well actually, the Best Man is usually the one planning the bachelor celebrations, so he will most likely go with the classic list of invites: all the men in the wedding party. But this doesn't mean you don't have a say. Make sure you give your input and tell him of any other good friends or male relatives with whom you are close that you may want at your celebrations.

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Choose a Date 

In the past, some Best Men have planned the bachelor's party the night before the wedding but our advice is to never plan the celebrations too close to the wedding...especially not the night before! After all, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you need all the rest and relaxation you can get before the big day. Plus, we've found bachelors are more stressed or preoccupied when celebrations are too close to the wedding date.

So when is a good date? Choose a date several weeks before the wedding. We know this sounds too far in advanced, but trust us, it's the best way!

Send Out the Invitations 

You should send out the invitations about three weeks before the celebrations. You might even consider sending them about a month before considering guests may need to arrange their schedule for your bachelor weekend. Remember to match the formality of the event to the invitation. In other words, if you want the weekend to be low key, pick a more simple invitation, but if you want a more luxurious feel to the weekend, choose fancier invitations. This is important because the invitation is the first impression guests have about the party!

Work Out the Budget 

One of the more "awkward" aspects of planning the Bachelor weekend is bestowed upon the Best Man, and that is splitting the bill. Now, some bachelor's family members (or even bachelor's themselves) decide to foot the bill for their own party, but usually, the men invited are expected to split the costs. If you wish to do it this way, the Best Man can simply include a respectful request in the invitation for a check to be sent to him with the appropriate amount. This may seem like a daunting or somewhat awkward thing to do, but you'd be surprised how most of your closest friends and family members will not pitch in!

Pick the Activities 

Just because your weekend is relaxing doesn't mean it has to be boring! The best part about the Bachelor Weekend Package is that it includes an incredible fishing excursion for you and your pals. Cabo San Lucas has pretty reputable waters among the most serious fishermen, and you may even find yourself hooked after getting your heart racing and blood pumping during big game fishing.

Bachelor Party Ideas: Things to do

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There are also a lot of other great activities you can do, for example:

  • Rent jet skis for a day
  • Plan a game of beach volleyball or touch football
  • Learn to surf together
  • Play a game of Cornhole on the sand

Plan the Dinners 

Did you know that bachelor parties actually started out as elaborate dinners done by the Spartans? Feasting and giving cheers to the bachelor was the main part of the celebration of the man's right of passage from bachelor to husband. For your own bachelor weekend, the dinners are just important.

We recommend having two "big" dinners at the villa-- one the first day the guests arrive and another departing dinner on the last day of the trip. Luckily, the Bachelor Weekend package includes your very own private chef who will cook two delicious and elaborate onsite dinners. (Not to mention, you private chef will also prepare daily breakfast and daily lunch!) You can be sure many laughs, cheers, and stories will be shared at these memorable dinners.

Bachelor parties don't always have to be Vegas and a bad hangover. They are supposed to be a time to bond with the most important men in your life before your life gets busy. Spending a weekend in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect way to master the ultimate bachelor celebration fit for gentlemen!

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Your turn...

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