Castle Wedding Venues: Fairy-Tale Wedding Venues in North America

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Many people associate castles with romance. Perhaps this is because they have always played such a prominent role in fairy-tale lover stories. This is why so many people seek out a castle when they are looking for a place to host their wedding. It is not always possible to host a wedding in an authentic Medieval or Renaissance castle, but buildings built in the style of these historic structures can be found throughout the world, even in countries like the US that were not developed until after the age of castles was past.

Here are some amazing castles in America where would-be newlyweds can host their special day in a fairy-tale-like setting.

Castle Ladyhawke


The Castle Ladyhawke Estate is located in rural North Carolina. It sits on 60 gated acres. The estate is centered around an authentic recreation of a Scottish castle. The rock walls and round tower give this place an amazingly authentic ambiance. A huge event space can accommodate up to 200 guests, making this a great practical choice as well as a romantic one. The property carries its castle theme further, offering guest rooms on the property in a collection of buildings called Fable Village. In-house decorators and event planners provide a full-service wedding experience.

Oheka Castle

Castle Wedding Venue

The Oheka Castle sits on Long Island's Gold Coast, across the Harbor from New York City. This huge estate offers a perfectly romantic setting for a wedding, and enough elegance and style to make any type of event hosted there unforgettable. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the rooms and lawns of this mansion have a tangible sense of history. Oheka Castle is not only a great place to host a formal wedding or special event, it is also a wonderful

Oheka Castle is not only a great place to host a formal wedding or special event, it is also a wonderful vacation destination. The castle boasts 32 guest-rooms that provide a more atmospheric and luxurious experience than anyone staying in a hotel could ever hope for. In short, Oheka Castle is a great place for those seeking the perfect place to host a memorable event or to enjoy a vacation near New York City.

Pleasantdale Chateau


Pleasantdale Chateau Estate located in New Jersey, sits on 40 acres of pristine gardens, meadows, ponds, and woodlands. Once through the gates, guests are immersed in history and luxury. The grand ballroom can accommodate weddings and events of up to 300 guests. Pleasantdale Chateau is a full-service venue including a full staff and culinary team to execute the largest of events. Pleasentdale is also ideal for romantic getaways, honeymoons, and retreats.

The Cairo Estate

Castle Wedding Venues California

The Cairo Estate is located in the Orange County enclave of San Juan Capistrano.

This massive property has a palatial feel thanks to its wide staircases, high arching doorways, huge windows and aristocratic aura.

Combined with the intricately-made brick paver driveway and the well-manicured grounds, this estate has the feel of a magnificent European castle.

The Cairo can host up to 300 guests on its spacious lawns and gardens.

The estate also includes overnight accommodations and a variety of meeting spaces, making it possible to host a retreat, special event or corporate meeting on the premises.

Chateau Julien Estate

Castle Wedding Venues California Winery

Chateau Julien is a French-style manor house in the wine-growing region of Central California. The on-site winery is well-known for producing high quality wines. The building itself lacks the grand stone-castle-style qualities of the other estates on this list, but Julien certainly isn't short on romance or fairy-tale feel. Wedding receptions can take place in a variety of locations around this estate, including amidst the wine barrels of the authentic wine cellar. A conservatory, two different courtyards and a other settings are also on the Julien's menu.

Ashville's Biltmore Estate

Spectacular Castle Wedding Venues

Ashville's Biltmore Estate features a castle like few others on the East Coast. There is no other word to describe this place besides “palatial.” This huge estate with its towering spires and arching doorways sits on nearly 8,000 acres in the rural, scenic Ashville area. An on-site inn and rental cottages provide accommodations for guests. The Biltmore is also one of the best and most popular places in North Carolina to tie the knot. A variety of event spaces, all of which has best the same sense of grandeur as the castle itself.

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