San Diego Food and Wine

One of Southern California's most decadent weeks will start on November 20th.

On that day, the San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival will begin.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this now-prestigious event.

Over the past decade, Bay Food and Wine has become one of the most talked about festivals on the culinary calendar.

Many of Southern California's best chefs will share their cooking secrets and their best dishes with festival-goers over the course of this flavor-filled weeklong culinary extravaganza.

San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival

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While other food and wine shows are often plagued by so-called celebrity cooks and TV personalities, this one is focused on some of San Diego's best currently-working chefs.

Representatives from some of the most talked about restaurants in San Diego and Southern California will be on hand to offer samples and share their cooking knowledge.

In addition to master classes taught by these superstars of the kitchen, there are a number of tastings, including the all-in-one Grand Tasting Experience.

This special event is a kind of “all-star game” of the festival, with all the best dishes from the best chefs available for tasting.

The Grand Tasting Experience is only open to VIP ticket-holders.

Luckily, these all-access passes are available to the public, so you don't have to be a celebrity or restaurant industry insider to get access to VIP events like the Grand Tasting.

You can get information and purchase VIP passes or other types of passes, including single-event tickets, here.

San Diego Food and Wine

image credit: Fast Forward Event Productions

The Bay Food and Wine's events will be taking place in the heart of San Diego.

This fest is focused on real gourmet food and wines, not gimmicks.

Both these traits make it an ideal backdrop for hosting your own food-related celebration.

There are certainly no shortage of fully equipped, luxury event venues, both large and small, around San Diego that can accommodate the needs of party-throwers and event hosts.

No, we are not talking about hotel ballrooms or converted warehouse spaces, but real luxury homes and villas that offer the chance for you to provide your guests with an atmosphere that is both intimate and elegant.

Marine 5 rental estate

The Marina 5 Penthouse is the perfect place to hold an event that coincides with the San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival.

Located in the heart of the city, this penthouse estate features floor to ceiling windows, an indoor courtyard, sleek modern furnishings, and an open, airy design.

If you invite 50 or fewer guests, this venue can provide an experience that is, at once, glamorous, intimate, and welcoming.

Since the Bay Food and Wine Festival's events will be held at venues all around the city, the central location of the Marina 5 provides a high level of convenience to your guests.

No matter what events they plan on attending before or after yours, they can there quickly and easily from the Marina 5's heart-of-the-city location.

Del Mar estates

Another option for hosting a food-themed soiree is the Tuscan Del Mar.

A 6,000 square foot Italian-style estate, surrounded by two well-manicured acres, can give any event an edge of elegance.

Expansive indoor common areas can be used for dining, while the garden-filled grounds provide the perfect place for after-meal cocktails or a quiet stroll in the always-ideal weather of San Diego.

Several of the more-notable events on the San Diego Bay Food and Wine schedule will be taking place in the Del Mar area, so your event will fit seamlessly with the official happenings of the festival.

Onsite catering is also available.

Luxury Private Estate Event Venue in San Diego, Ca


You can find the perfect estate for your event on our website. With a number of exclusive options in the San Diego area, and many more in nearby regions, you can easily find exactly what you are searching for.

Your Turn...

Will you be in San Diego for the Bay Food and Wine Festival this year?  Let us know how you plan to enjoy this prestigious and flavorful event in the comments section below.