Celebrity Weddings can be highly publicized affairs with amazing features, the best catering, decorations, flower arrangements and photographer that money can buy.

It is easy to look at the wedding ceremonies of the rich and famous and get inspiration for your own nuptials, but actually implementing their ideas might put you outside of your budget.

The Answer

The answer is to find those celebrity wedding features that do fit with your wedding spending plan.

Basing your whole wedding on the pictures of some movie star's ceremony or reception would be foolish, but taking tasteful tidbits from the spotlight wedding and injecting them into your own ceremony and reception can be a great way to add some extra glamor and style to your special day.

Here are some examples of wedding features that can be translated from celebrity wedding to your nuptials.

Kim Kardashian

The now infamous wedding of Kim Kardashian and NBA star Kris Humphries was filled with over-the-top elegance.

While couples might not be able to afford Kardashian's eight tier wedding cake (which was reportedly close to six feet tall) or other ultra-luxury features of the reality star's reception, one of the cheaper but more memorable aspects of this wedding can easily be fit into almost any wedding budget.

One of the weddings highlights was the heart-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were served to guests at the end of the reception.

This is a relatively easy option that won't cost much (unless you have thousands of guests) and can really stand out in guests' minds as a cute, unique highlight.

Truly frugal brides and grooms don't even need to go with Krispy Kremes – any heart-shaped bakery items will do (as long as they are tasty).

Kelsey Grammer

Comedy star Kelsey Grammer was another celeb who went with a unique dessert choice for his wedding to flight attendant Kayte Walsh.

The couple's cake was a carrot cake (perhaps an unusual choice for a wedding).

The cake was spectacular, almost five feet tall, but the extras, mini ice cream cones and smoothies, were what set the dessert serving apart from the usual “piece of cake” experience that wedding guests expect when the time for dessert roles around.

This is another example of unique “little extras” stealing the spotlight.

The mini ice cream cone dessert, or some other charmingly unexpected treat, can really make a standard wedding dessert into one of the most memorable parts of the reception.

Coco Rocha 

Supermodel Coco Rocha hosted her wedding in the Loire Valley in France.

The ceremony and reception were held in a large historic castle.

Surely at some point, every bride and groom at least imagine having a similarly classic venue for their wedding.

However, they don't need to go to a remote corner of France to find this type of wedding location.

Luckily, estates around the world can provide a similar imagination-come-to-life setting for special events.

Wedding Favors 

Giving favors at the end of a wedding can be a tricky thing to do.

One idea is to opt for some variation of the heart-shaped doughnut creation mentioned above or something similar.

Another option would be to choose a simple gift from a classy, well-known brand.

When Jason Priestley and Naomi Lowde wed in the Bahamas, they gave guests Fortnum and Mason Teas.

This 150-plus year old brand has been the official grocer to England's royalty and any of its products carry a certain sense of high-class with them.

Even the simplest (and cheapest) gift from such a brand will be welcomed by guests.

Creative Decor

An estate wedding opens the door for more-creative decoration ideas.

When Barbra Streisand married James Brolin, their nuptials took place at home, and the couple filled their swimming pool with floating candles and faux flowers.

This is another example of a relatively cheap feature that can become one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding for guests.

Final Thoughts... 

Celebrity weddings, at least those that aren’t completely over-the-top, can provide inspiration for soon-to-be-brides-and-grooms.

While no one would want to (or could afford to) replicate an entire movie-star wedding, taking small features and using them in your own ceremony and reception can add a bit of glamor and style to your special day.

Do you have any Celebrity Wedding Ideas for the taking?

Please share them below.