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While modern architecture and chic skyscrapers never fail to impress, nothing can beat a castle made for a real princess. And yes, we're talking about real castles. These medieval relics are usually passed down from family to family; however, celebrities and the wealthy alike are starting to fancy the castle life. From Brad and Angelina's chateau to Natalie Portman's Hollywood palace, castles are no longer a thing of the past.

Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie's Château Miraval

Brad and Angelina looked at over 100 different properties before deciding on the £35 million chateau in the French Riviera. Their elaborate search not only make me question just how many lavish castles there are in Southern France, but also why the Château Miraval won their hearts. 

My questions are quickly answered by the château's elaborate lake, swimming pool, fountains, private vineyard, fields with ponies, and even personal moat to ward off those paparazzis. Located in a tiny village called Brignol in the Var (not far from Aix en Provence) the couple and their growing family can find ultimate privacy and tranquility. Not to mention, their driveway is just over three miles long! 

Brad and Angelina French caste Estate weddings and Events

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Apparently, medieval castles in the French Rivera aren't as far out as one would imagine. Brad and Angelina are neighbored by some their favorite Hollywood friends, such as Bono, Johnny Depp, and Vanessa Paradis.

celebrity castle venues estate weddings and events

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Portman's Palace 

Natalie Portman has also caught the castle fever! She recently sold her trendy West Village condo for a 1930's castle-like home in Los Angeles. While this isn't exactly a medieval castle, it certainly has all the history and charm. Like Angelina and Brad, Portman spent an extensive amount of time deciding on her new home. She wanted something with integrity, history, and originality. Her Hollywood castle certainly captured everything she was looking for!

natalie portman castle home estate weddings and events

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With four bedrooms, a private courtyard, and two guest houses, this is the perfect place to entertain and host visitors who might live far away. The modern taste for castles is certainly not without the old fashioned ways of lavish parties. Celebrities today are looking for estates that are not only regal and vintage, they are looking for the perfect place to have their own private parties!

Castle Wedding Venues

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Hosting Your Own Royal Affair 

Hosting a corporate event, wedding, or even luxury vacation in you're own castle is a great way to enjoy old-time splendor just like Hollywood's biggest stars. While we have plenty of castle-like estate venues, here are some of our favorites. From international estates to those in America's most exclusive communities, our castle venues are not only fit for celebrities, they're fit for a queen!

Historic Cobble Close Farm 

The Cobble Close Farm in Red Bank, New Jersey's is a historic masterpiece with an illustrious past. Constructed in the early 1900s, the estate was originally owned by the Straus family, former owners of Macy’s department stores. Since then, the Straus’ and McConnells’ have tried to maintain the estate’s historic past in the face of a changing nation. They certainly succeeded, as the estate has remained nearly untouched. In fact, when the Straus and McConnell decedents recently revisited the property, they found an old Cadillac and Bugatti coupe still parked in one of the many garages!

Cobble close farm estate venue Red Bank New Jersey Estate Weddings and Events

Today, the Cobble Close Farm is a rare treasure. The French Norman architecture is completely authentic as most of it was shipped, in the 1920′s, from dismantled French and Belgium estates. Situated on 13-acres, the property is lined with prestigious gardens accompanied by historic fountains and statues. Multiple covered walkways, courtyards, archways, rod-iron gates, and distressed stone walls transport guests to the Old World.

Red Bank New Jersey castle venue estate weddings and events

Grandfather trees and mature greenery peek through Parisian arcs on the estate’s walkways, and grand pines hang over cobble paths and secret gardens. Some unique features include a gorgeous clock-tower building housing 8 garages, multiple homes including a “Gardener’s home”, “Butler’s home”, and “Stableman’s home”, a private pond, and converted stables.

Cobble Close farm estate venue Red Bank, New Jersey- Estate Weddings and Events

Cobble Close Farm’s reputable past has transcended the 1900s. As the estate has carried over into the 21st century, it has appeared in multiple films, TV shows, and magazine ads (such as Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret). Located in the exclusive Rumson-area suburb, you might even run into a celebrity or rockstar in the grocery store!

The Crown of Beverly Hills 

The Parisian estate nestled in the Beverly Hills is more than a lavish property fit for a queen, it truly is a piece of art. With its touches of California flair and unique art pieces, this estate is a stylistic masterpiece and cultural rarity. Plus, its notable location in Beverly Glen is justly compared to Paris' Champs-Élysées.

Crown of Beverly Hills Estate Venue_ Estate Weddings and Events

We love this estate because of the whimsical feel that runs through the estate's otherwise sophisticated design. For example, the dolphin water features bordering the pool and little surprises throughout the estate such as a cherry red bridge or Buddha reigning over a private garden. The small details are what modern castles are all about!

Beverly Hills estate French inspired venue- Estate Weddings and Events

This estate is perfect for entertaining on every scale. From a private concert to a lavish wedding, the estate's many manicured gardens overlooking downtown Los Angeles make for incredible photo ops. Not to mention the estate even has its own 3,000 square foot ballroom! Its private pool house is perfect for primping entertainers or accommodating even the biggest bridal party.

Beverly Hills  venue Estate Weddings and Events

crown of beverly hills estate weddings and events

This estate is truly a modern castle inspired by the tastes of French royalty. Steal away from the mundane of this century to the old world in this Beverly Hills modern castle... you might even become the envy of celebs in the area!

Your turn...

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