cheap wedding centerpieces ideas

Depending on the size of your wedding celebrations, centerpieces could end up costing you a fortune.

If you're on the hunt for ways to cut costs then these 25 DIY wedding centerpieces will be right up your alley.

They're beautiful, classy and elegant - and they won't blow your budget! Who said DIY couldn't be spectacular?


Mixed Silver Spray Painted Bottles

Before you throw out all those bottles you've been hoarding for one reason or another, grab the silver spray paint and try your hand at creating some of these babies!

From wine bottles to flasks, if it'll hold flowers you can make it work!

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Photography by Robin Nathan Photography

Styling and Floral Design by Estoria Social

Single Stem Peonies in Vintage Glass

Vintage glass makes for wonderful centerpieces.

Not sure where to find any?

Try your local antique stores, charity shops, eBay or even your grandmother's basement!

inexpensive centerpieces

Photography by Michael L'Heureux Photography

Flowers and Event Design by Therese Jacinto Design

Mason Jar and Lace

Mason jars are so cheap to buy, and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

Add a little lace to the outside of the jar, chuck in some sweet smelling florals and voila!

You've got yourself an ultra cute centerpiece.

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Image via Project Weddings

Mossy Hill with Wildflowers

After something a little more quirky?

This super cool mossy centerpiece will certainly get people talking.

Perfect for rustic weddings with a DIY twist.

succulent centerpiece

Image via Oncewed

Strawberry Summer Picnic

Getting married picnic style?

Simple yet elegant, this strawberry inspired centerpiece can be thrown together in next to no time.

Get yourself a few punnets of fresh strawberries, remove the stems and immerse in clear, cold water.

For added drama float a candle on top!

fruit centerpieces

Image via Paint It Pretty

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Fall wedding or not, these pumpkin candle holders are an awesome idea for wedding centerpieces.

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes and each one is unique, making for an exciting and diverse display for your centerpiece.

Pumpkin and Gourd Candle Holder Centerpieces

Image via Wedding Favors

Rustic and Ravishing Natural Bark 

Rather than shipping all those plastic pots to the landfill, save them up and use them to craft these gorgeous rustic centerpieces.

With the use of natural bark and a little twine you can make something pretty spectacular!

{DIY Wedding Centerpiece} Succulent Centerpiece

Styling and Design by Amber Lay Events

Teacups and Flowers

Teacups are cute!

Whatever you put in them they never fail to impress.

They are easy to get a hold of second hand and will bring a shabby chic element to any wedding.

water centerpiece

Image via Andrea Dozier

Living Vegetables

Who would have thought vegetables could look so good!

If I could go back and do it all again, this would definitely be my first choice for my wedding centerpieces.

You've gotta admit they look rather special.

centerpiece ideas using vegetables

Image via Art of Wedding

Green Apples and Orchids

Feeling fruity?

Bright green apples teamed with white orchids and roses is a recipe for success.

It looks incredible and a bag of apples has got to be one of the cheapest things in the supermarket.

If it's fruit season even better, as you might be able to nab yourself a cart load of apples for free!

9 Unique Winter Wedding Centerpieces That Break Tradition by Estate Weddings and Events

Photo from Bridal Guide Image via Kiss Wedding

Asparagus Vases

On the subject of food, these asparagus vases also look pretty nifty!

Position your asparagus upright around your vase of choice and hold together with twine.

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Image via Wedding Bee

Brass Teapots

Wedding centerpieces don't always have to be anything fancy.

These brass teapots look beautiful and elegant without even trying.

Flower Adorned Branches

Branches can be found laying around just about anywhere there's trees.

Next time you're out and about enjoying a walk keep your eyes peeled for ones that look interesting, insert them into a vase filled with pebbles then decorate!

natural centerpiece ideas

Image via One Wed

Artichoke Candle Holder

Artichokes are tasty, but they also make beautiful candle holders too!

Hollow out the inside, pop your candle right on in there and you're good to go.

artichoke cored centerpieces

Image via Bridal Cookie

Succulent Window Boxes

Succulents have become a booming trend in recent years where wedding centerpieces are concerned, and it's not hard to see why.

They can be used to quickly spruce up any container and can be purchased relatively cheap when buying in bulk.

Twigs and Branches

If you're going for the minimalist approach, then these twigs and branches centerpieces could be just the thing you're after.

Bundle them up and seal with a simple ribbon.

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Image via Austin Wedding Blog

Floral Bird's Nest

You don't have to be marrying in the Spring to justify the use of bird's nest for your wedding centerpieces!

If you're crafty you can whip up nests just like these in an afternoon.

Bird Cages

For an injection of vintage glam into your wedding decor try these bird cage centerpieces.

The sky's the limit when it comes to how to decorate them.

bird cage centerpiece

Image via Brav0 Bride

White Clouds of Baby's Breath

Baby's breath is glamorous just the way it is and needs no explanation!

beautiful centerpiece ideas

Image via Ruffled Bride

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs look great as wedding centerpieces, and they also make awesome favors for your guests.

Ideal for the eco-friendly couple!

centerpieces using fresh herbs

Image via Austin Wedding Blog

Upside Down Flower Goblets

Upside down goblets as wedding centerpieces?

Yes you heard us right, and boy do they look divine.

Classy, simple and charming, these goblets would work well with any color scheme.

creative wedding centerpieces

Image via Austin Wedding Blog

Wheat Chic

A bundle of wheat for your wedding centerpiece may not sound like much, but it more than makes up for it in looks!

Alluring and striking, wheat works perfectly for outdoor, rustic and barn weddings.

wheat centerpiece ideas

Image via My Wedding Reception Ideas


Fun and flirty, pinwheels add a touch of silliness to your big day.

Craft them out of any color and style paper you please and be sure to make extras for the kids to play with!

pinwheels centerpiece ideas

Image via Budget Brides

Little Log Tables

If your hubby to be has the tools, these little log tables could transform your wedding decor without having to spend a cent!

If you simply must have these log tables but you don't have the means of making your own, try you local garden center or craft store.

wedding centerpiece creative ideas

Image via Rustic Crafts

Paper Flowers

Paper flower are all the rage.

Use them for your bouquet, hairpieces, favors, centerpieces and more!

Plus they make wonderful keepsakes.

paper flower centerpieces

Image via Ruffled Blog

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Hanging Bottles

Centerpieces don't have to be on the table you know!

If you're eating under cover why not try this creative hanging bottles idea?

unique wedding centerpiece ideas

Image via Blossoming Visions

Which DIY wedding centerpiece is your fave?

Let us know what you're can just say "hi" too (we won't bite)!