Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia22

After a couple flights and a very long delay, we arrived in Mfuwe Zambia. We were greeted by Simon, our guide, and off we went to Chinzombo. About 45 minutes from the airport, through town and then through the Lower Luangwa National Park, we arrived to the edge of the river where a boat awaited for us.

Chinzombo entrance

We loaded up the boat, hopped on and crossed the river over to Chinzombo. As we got closer and closer, I spotted the beautiful white villas aligning the river. We arrived at the dock and the Chinzombo staff was there ready to greet us. With the wet towels and cold beverage, we were already settling into our new home.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia lounge 2

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia4

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia14

The team had known we were delayed and even though it was time to go on the evening game drive, they had a display of salads and snacks waiting for us. A very nice touch since we had not eaten all day!

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia3

We were then led to our room to settle in before going out and we were in complete awe over our room. If restoration hardware did a safari camp this would be it! Lots of leather, buckles, oversized furniture, details, details and more details. Each room has their own pool and all look onto the river.

Chinzombo honeymoons

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia deck2

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia

As much as we wanted to just skip the game drive and hop in the pool, we quickly changed and headed out.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia34

Simon, our guide, was wonderful. Very friendly and a wealth of knowledge about the bush and Zambia. I do have to say that after coming from Kruger, the game drives at Chinzombo were not as active as Kruger.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia40

We did see lions, elephant, leopard, zebras and the wild dogs, but the animals were a lot more sparse than in Kruger. That being said, the sundowners were great and the company was even better!

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia36

Our first dinner, we had a brai with all the guests staying at Chinzombo which was served family style, where we enjoyed lots of laughs and good conversation with our new South African friends. I came to really enjoy the communal style dining in Africa. A great way to meet new people and share stories of your day in the bush.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia7

Our second day, we woke up and enjoyed a light breakfast before heading out on a game drive.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia breakfast2

When we returned we were pleasantly greeted by 2 Zambian masseuse's for a traditional Zambian foot massage. A combination of limes, leaves and "love salt" create the perfect blend to wash your toxins away. A very nice touch from Chinzombo.


Following our massage we enjoyed lunch, which was another array of salads and healthy dishes. After lunch, we enjoyed wine and local beer by the pool and just relaxed for a few hours before our evening outing.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia41

Our evening game drive started off a little rocky, with no sightings. With our new South African honeymoon friends, we decided to pull over for a very long sundowner. A few cocktails by the hippo pond and we were ready to head back to Chinzombo. On our way back, we spotted a pride of lions on the hunt. It was the most action we had scene at Chinzombo. We watched the lions slowly move in on the apala and listened to the baboons calling out in the trees. Such an amazing thing to witness. Unfortunately we did not see the kill but it certainly was unreal.

Chinzombo Safari Camp Zambia safari1

For our last evening, we arrived back at camp late and we were led to our room where we had a trail of leaves leading up through our villa and to our bath tub where there was a bubble bath and a bottle of champagne awaiting us. After getting settled, we headed out for dinner where a private table for two surrounded by lanterns and candles was set up along the river. It was such an amazing way to spend our final evening at Chinzombo.


In the morning we slept in and did a late game drive before heading to the airport so we could catch one last glimpse of the beautiful elephant and care free giraffe.