Retro special event venues

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TV watchers are gearing up for the spring season. Some of the most anticipated shows of the viewing calendar will be premiering in March and April and running through the early summer. HBO hit Game of Thrones is about to begin a new season and one of the small screen’s most acclaimed shows, Mad Men, will soon be broadcasting its final episodes. The AMC show, about advertising companies in the 1960s and ‘70s, has a retro appeal that many people have found enthralling.


">image via Estate Weddings and Events image via Estate Weddings and Events

Mad Men touched off a flurry of copycat retro, “period” shows and movies. None managed to garner the same kind of buzz. But they did make something clear. People were very hungry to escape into the past. But why? As Mad Men makes perfectly clear, the ‘60s and ‘70s were not part of a perfect, rosy era. However, there was one quality that is largely absent nowadays: a sense of style. Classiness, in people’s clothes, in buildings and in interior decor, was very important. Mad Men takes place in a world of real, tangible style, when quality and craftsmanship meant something and people appreciated atmosphere and grandeur.

That is why period shows like Mad Men were able to gain a large mainstream viewership.

What if you could capture that attractiveness during your next vacation or for your next special event? You can find a few pricy New York City hotels that have mastered the art of providing their guests with timeless style. But there are a number of more-accessible venues that have the same timeless allure.

A retro summertime vacation

Summer hotel in Long Island

Bikes at Ruschmeyers, image via Estate Weddings and Evens

A prime example of this is Ruschmeyer's. Located on Long Island, in the coastal town of Montauk, Ruschmeyer’s is the kind of place where Madison Avenue mavens might have spent a few weekends with their families during the summertimes of the late 1960s. Actually, Ruschmeyer’s was constructed in the 1950s, so some of the original Mad Men probably DID vacation here. Though the cabins have been updated since their heyday (there was no wi-fi during the 60s… or even during the ‘90s for that matter), the original design and atmosphere still remain. If you really want to indulge in a retro fantasy, you can grab a longboard and hit Montauk’s very surf-able waves. Or you can indulge in an evening at the Electric Eel, the onsite bar, which features great live music acts all summer long.

A glamorous gala

Luxury East Coast event venue

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But what about a special event? Lord Thomspon Manor, in Thompson, Connecticut, brings plenty of retro style. There are overnight accommodations at this spacious and timeless mansion. You can hold a wedding or other special event on the lawn, just as New York and New England’s elites have been doing for decades. Like Ruschmeyer’s, Thompson’s has managed to update itself without killing its original atmosphere.

Timeless modern style on the West Coast

image via Estate Weddings and Events

image via Estate Weddings and Events

You can easily find the classic sense of style on the other side of the country as well. The Beverly Hills Modern Mansion has the kind of modernist architectural design that Don Draper would have appreciated. This is the kind of place that is both elegant and eye catching. Like all the best venues throughout time, the Beverly Hills Modern has amazing views. From the windows and terraces of the Mansion, you can enjoy 270-degree views the West Coast’s most famous city, Los Angeles. You could easily imagine yourself as an ad exec, standing there looking over the city with a lowball cocktail glass in hand.


image via Estate Weddings and Events

image via Estate Weddings and Events

But there are plenty of other options, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

How do you define timeless? We have a variety of different estates for you to choose from for your next vacation or special event. Perhaps you value a stronger sense of history. Why not host your wedding or party at an estate that was built in the 18th or 19th century? You can also find manor houses, castles and even historic barns.

Your Turn....

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