Conquering Halloween Costume Parties with Class

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Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is costume parties. When walking into a Halloween costume store women are given the options of anything with the word "sexy" in front of it, ("Sexy" Construction Worker...seriously?) or  the only other option, a witch. Now that's not much to choose from if you're a fabulous lady, like I know you are!

Here are some classy costume ideas that will make a great impression at those posh costume parties and save you from being the only "sexy clown" in the room!

Before I get to the costume ideas, here are just a couple do's and don'ts to keep in mind when attending a Halloween costume party.

Do dress up. I know what you're thinking, "what if I dress up too much", or "what if my outfit isn't appropriate?", or even, "what is the deal with this fake blood?". I understand costumes are a daunting task but it would be poor etiquette to show up without a costume. The hosts want you to have a good time and they have set the "dress code" for the night. Plus, you don't want to make other party-goers feel uncomfortable for sporting their risky costume. So loosen up and dress up!

Don't over do it!  Okay, I know I just said that wearing a daring costume is completely kosher but make sure you check in with the party host about the extent of the costume. Is it just one of those parties where the ladies are wearing little cat ears and calling themselves "Cat Woman", or is it time to break out the face paint? Make sure to get the vibe of the party beforehand so you can know what the appropriate costume might be!

So now on to some costume ideas that don't have "sexy" in front of them and aren't witches. I also love how these costume's can be assembled from some clothes you might have in your closet or a quick trip to a thrift store! Plus, these costume ideas are flattering on anyone, completely customizable, and can be played up or down depending on the party.

1. 1920s Flapper

Thank you Great Gatsby for making this outfit relevant again! I couldn't help but want to live in the 1920s after watching that film, mostly because I envied the amazing dresses women could get away with. Cue Halloween, the one year you can get away with channeling your inner Daisy Buchannan!

This costume has two main components, the dress and the makeup.

You can find some great dresses at a thrift store or even sift through some vintage gems you have in the back of your closet from good old grandma. You might even be able to find some 1920s-inspired dresses at some boutiques that are into the "modern flapper" look. In fact, the modern flapper is becoming increasingly popular. Vogue recently dedicated an entire spread to the style and even Seventeen magazine is vouching for the look with the younger generations.

No matter what, the main elements here are a drop-waist dress with lots of pearls and glitz. I even say go for a hat, hairpiece, or even boa if you're feeling adventurous.

These photos might give you a little inspiration:

Costume Event Ideas: 1920s Flapper

Courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Costume Event Ideas: 1920s Flapper

Courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Costume Event Ideas: 1920s Flapper

Courtesy of Seventeen en Espanol

Makeup is essential to completing this look. I've also found that 1920s makeup style is really fun and flattering if done right! I love this makeup tutorial by Neil Young, a MAC Cosmetics senior artist, posted on "Beauty High" via YouTube. You'll find a ton of other 1920s makeup tutorials but I think this one shows how to accomplish the most wearable look, as opposed to the others that are better suited for the catwalk.

2. Kate Middleton 

Everyone knows the pinnacle of class is Kate Middleton. She's always been the perfect candidate for modeling a Halloween costume because of her worldwide notoriety and her recent lavish wedding. We've seen the wedding dress costume with a wing-woman dressed as Pipa but there's a new Kate Middleton costume! Now, with the birth of baby Prince George, you can have a little more fun with the outfit. Embody Kate's signature look (ditch the faux wedding dress) and add some humor by cradling a little "Prince George" in your arms.

Remember, accessories and props are a ton of fun for the pictures but make sure they are easily detachable or can be put aside; you don't want to be lugging around some big prop all night!

The picture below is a perfect snapshot of all things Middleton.

First, a great hat to the side is a must when completing this look. Again, you can find some fantastic hats at thrift stores or even flashback shops.

Her fitted and A-line coat dress is another staple-- this can be replicated by finding a simple A-line dress or even just wearing one of your own favorites.

Finally, the shoes! After searching the web, I've come to find out her shoes are actually "a thing". Closed toed, black pumps, with a moderate heel will show any Kate Middleton enthusiast you're the real deal!

Costume Party Ideas: Kate Middleton

Courtesy of Celebuzz

3. The Hippie  

Hippie inspired clothing has been on the rage these past years, so why not go for the real deal? Wide leg pants and rounded sunglasses are all over fall lines and Halloween could be a weirdly-perfect time to start trying out the new trend. Plus, this is a flattering costume on anyone! You will feel cool and chic while also dressing up for the occassion.

I would opt for taking a modern spin on the classic "hippie" and pairing the outfit with some cool wedges or edgy jewelry. You can also find some great "hippie" clothes at stores that sell festival-type clothing. Plus, because all the festivals are pretty much over, you will be able to snag some awesome deals!

You can really go in any direction you like when being a "hippie". Either the Woodstock hippie, more bohemian hippie, or even post-70's hippie...the options are endless. Here are some ideas:

Costume Party Ideas: Hippie Inspired

Courtesy of "WanderWorldWanderLust" Blog

Costume Event Party Ideas: Hippie Inspired

Courtesy of Free People

Costume Event Party Ideas: Hippie Inspired

Courtesy of Life Magazine 1969

Costume Event Party Ideas: Hippie Inspired

Courtesy of "Bohemian Spirit" Blog

Whether you're channeling you inner flower child or your inner queen, Halloween costumes are all about getting away with fun styles that are not the norm. You don't have to succumb to the "sexy" polyester and plastic outfits this Halloween either, make use of your own closet, thrift stores, and even local boutiques. Most importantly, remember to dress up and have fun at costume parties!

Your Turn... 

What style or celebrity have you always wanted to embody? What are you going to be this Halloween?