Close Ups on Cobble Close Farm

Cobble Close Farm in Red Bank, New Jersey saw a flurry of pastel dresses, blonde hair, and one very cute shitzu this Monday. The photo shoot for a kid's clothing line at the estate truly highlighted the grandness of the property, wide array of enclaves, and exquisite details. After driving along a thin road surrounded by rolling green hills and an A-list golf course, Cobble Close Farm was situated at the end of a long driveway next to a small pond.

(Note: Photo quality may not be the best in this post because all were taken on my iPhone during the shoot as not to compete with the photographer.)

When I pulled up the driveway I was greeted by five geese and a couple swans who were resting in the shade by the pond. Behind them, cows and horses were grazing.

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This peaceful scene was quickly enlivened by the group of excited kids running around in fabulous clothing. Parents set up camp in the light and airy living room, which accommodated everything from hair and make up artists, wardrobe racks, and a nice lunch spread.

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As the photo shoot moved towards the pool, it served as a great setting for a scene depicting "the good life". The photo shoot matched the luxurious feeling of the pool perfectly as kids dressed in linen button downs and pink sundresses sported cool sunglasses while reading Vogue.

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Aside from the luxurious nature of the pool there was still fun to be had. The pool house stands out from the rest of the estate with its modern decor, bright colors, and even California flag.

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During the shoot, I was constantly asked the simple question of why this castle-like estate was even built. After speaking with the homeowner for a bit, he informed me that the estate was once built for the Strauss family, or better known as the former owners of Macy’s. Legend has it that Mrs. Strauss fell in love with a french chateau during her time abroad so had every detail of that chateau replicated in the United States. Even the cobblestones were imported from France!

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Today, the owners have made the pseudo-castle into a luxurious “co-op” where five families live in modern homes throughout the property. Most of the family members come out to the estate for the summers to escape the stress of New York City. And while they don't have as many cars to fill the antique garages, they certainly have enough friends who would be happy to visit and help them out!

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Just as the hair and makeup artists for the photo shoot focused on the models’ every detail, I couldn’t help but notice the small details that made the estate beautiful. Sure, the luxurious renovations on the interior were nice but I found the real beauty of Cobble Close to be in the old rod iron gates chipping in almost intentional patterns and the bunches of wildflowers with unexpectedly bright purple petals.
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Mrs. Strauss' vision of a French chateau in New Jersey was certainly accomplished and I am sure she never expected her little castle to have stood the test of time so well. Cobble Close Farm has seen many new additions and modern conveniences since its inception but the antique details are what make the estate unique and unforgettable.Special thanks to the homeowners and the lovely group who rented the estate for their photo shoot. We all had a blast enjoying the day in our own private castle!