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Whether you’re a regular globetrotter, an overnight jet setter or a periodic business tripper, packing efficiently is key when traveling. The problem is, oftentimes compact travel items can lack in quality or even feel gimmicky. We love good compact gear, but not at the expense of functionality. So, today, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite space-saving travel items every Venueluster should own for that next big (or small) adventure.

1. The Self-Stuffing Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

Patagonia Raincoat Compact Travel Accessories

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With spring in full swing, packing a raincoat when you travel is a current must. The only problem is, most raincoats tend to be cumbersome to pack and—with unpredictable weather and no guarantee you’ll see rain on your trip—seem to not warrant the space they take up in our luggage. Because of this, we’ll often leave a much-needed jacket behind in hopes we’ll see nothing but sunny skies on our trip (a wrong we often have to right by buying an overpriced jacket at the airport or in a hotel gift shop).

But, you can now say goodbye to that classic to-pack-or-not-to-pack dilemma with Patagonia’s Torrentshell Waterproof Jacket, a compact coat that offers serious quality and functionality while still holding the (super cool) bragging rights of being able to pack down into its own pocket. That’s right—the coat packs into either one of its very own pockets (one of which has a carabiner clip-in loop). Once packed down and zipped up, the jacket takes up all of about 7”x4” worth of space. Available in both men’s and women’s options, completely waterproof and fully adjustable, this raincoat is perfect for everything from advanced outdoor adventures to quiet weekends on the coast.

2. The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

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Another favorite packable gear item of ours, the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer is a great option to save valuable purse or pocket space when sprinting to that gate of yours. We love that the classic silhouette folds down into a tiny 2”x2” square that you can pack into even the smallest of spaces.

Folding Aviators Ray-Ban

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Not a wayfarer fan? Not to worry. Ray-Ban also makes its classic clubmasters and aviators in folding styles as well.

3. Flight001’s Universal Travel Adaptor

Travel Adaptor

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The smallest and most compact travel adaptor on the market, this 4-in-1 universal adaptor is earning tons of praise among travel gurus lately.

With four plugs and one adapter (all fit into one teeny-tiny product), this travel trinket works in over 150 countries and is an absolute must for space-saving globetrotters of all types. We especially love that the adaptor uses the new JA/C country color coding system, making it super simple to find the right plug for that country you’re headed to.

4. Saddleback’s Cable Bags & Cord Wraps

Saddleback Cable Bag Set

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One of the best ways to save space when packing for that next getaway of yours is to organize all of those smaller items in your luggage (and to do so in something other than a Ziploc bag). We love these cable bags from Saddleback Leather, as they’re perfect for storing any of your favorite travel trinkets—from toiletries to camera accessories to charging cables.

Its structured silhouette allows the bag to stand upright inside of your luggage, briefcase or purse, making it easier to find those smaller items without having to dig through (and destroy) your neatly packed bag to do so.

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We also love Saddleback’s Cord Wraps for keeping you organized and, ultimately, saving you valuable storage space in your luggage. Keep your earphones, phone charger and laptop charger tangle-free using these cord wraps and—to save the most space—throw them all in one of those awesome cable bags.

5. Love41’s Travel Jewelry Roll

Travel Jewelry Roll

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A sister company of Saddleback Leather, Love41 crafts high-quality leather goods geared toward the female traveler. We are especially enamored with the company’s travel jewelry roll. If you’ve ever tried to travel with long necklaces, delicate bracelets or tiny earrings, you know how easy it is for your most valuable items to get lost or—oftentimes worse—tangled beyond repair.

Rather than keeping items in individual Ziplocs, boxes or drawstring bags (all of which have their pitfalls), try storing your treasures in an organized travel jewelry roll. Love41’s includes hooks for necklaces and bracelets and even a leather band with tiny holes for your earrings to pierce and hang from. Made from waxed cotton from Scotland and complete with a 41-year warranty, this particular jewelry bag holds up much better than others we’ve tried and saves a ton of space when rolled tightly and stored.

6. The Self-Stuffing Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

Patagonia Blackhole Duffel

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The masters of all things self-stuffing, we couldn’t include just one Patagonia item on our list. So, we’re revisiting the tried-and-true outdoor brand for number six on our list--the Self-Stuffing Black Hole Duffel. We love this bag for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the entire bag packs into its own pocket. Planning on picking up some local goods next time you globetrot? This bag is perfect for that.

Rather than purchasing a new piece of luggage on your trip, bring this super lightweight, self-stuffing bag with you. It packs down small enough to easily fit inside of another larger piece of luggage, so you can feel a little less guilty about all of that shopping you’re doing (and rest easy knowing you won’t have to purchase an extra piece of luggage from that overpriced tourist trap down the street from your hotel).

7. Flight001’s Spacepak Bags:

Spacepak Bags

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An award-winning packing system that compresses two weeks’ worth of clothes into one beautiful little pouch, Flight001’s Spacepak system is one of our all-time favorite space-saving travel tricks.

Spacepak Bags

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We especially love that the company’s dual-compartment Spacepak bags keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. Say goodbye to sprinkling sand all over your dinner dress or packing those dirt-laden hiking pants right next to your only clean pair. Once you begin using Spacepak bags, you’ll never want to pack without them. Trust us.

8. Violife’s Slim Sonic Toothbrush

Slim Sonic Toothbrush

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If you’ve developed a daily dependency on your Sonicare toothbrush, switching back to a manual toothbrush for your trip in the name of saving space can seem like a dim prospect. A product that completely solves this problem, the Slim Sonic Toothbrush measures just 6.5” long but still packs that powerful sonic punch that your smile’s become accustomed to.

We especially love that the Slim Sonic is battery powered (and packs the power of 22,000 brush strokes per minute), so you can leave that cumbersome power cord and charging station at home without compromising the integrity of those pearly whites.

9. The Smart Umbrella

The Smart Umbrella

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The Smart Umbrella is one of those travel items you never knew you needed, but soon won’t be able to jet set without. Super compact, the smart umbrella is lightweight, easy to travel with and takes up little room in your carry-on or purse. We especially love the umbrella’s innovative design—rather than having the pole centered, it’s offset, leaving you more dry space without any obstructed vision.

10. Umbra’s Tangrum Travel Organizer

Travel Organizer

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Wrapping up our list today is this super innovative Tangrum Travel Organizer from Umbra (that likely will become your new best travel friend). The Origami-like design allows the product to efficiently utilize every square inch it takes up while still folding down into a super compact, flat organizer. With two large pouches and two smaller, divided pouches, this Umbra product can hold everything from razors and shaving accessories to cufflinks and watches.

Overall, whether you’re getting ready to head out of the country for a month-long getaway or simply are jumping in the car for a quick overnight adventure, packing efficiently is an absolute must for a smooth-sailing vacation. We’ve rounded up our ten favorite products to help make this happen, but we’d love to hear what secrets you have up your sleeve. Have any space-saving products we should know about? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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