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Corporate parties should unravel a solid good time without completely relying on an open bar or amount of schmoozing opportunities.

The big question is how.

A successful corporate party entails organizing a night where employees can let down their hair or loosen their ties.

At the same time, it's a time when everyone can see each other at their best, all dressed up and impressionable.

After office hours gatherings swiftly accomplish these goals through choosing the right environment and ambience for a most favorable distraction from the every day; therefore, it is important to organize your event around a theme.

Here are 9 Themes & Tips to assist you with Planning your Company Party...

1. Casino Night Theme

If you really want to see work cliques mixed up, casino nights make for unique encounters among employees.

Vegas comes alive through casino-quality dealers and gaming tables brought to your party location.

You'll have the rare opportunity to answer the question, can you decipher your boss' poker face?

2. Awards Ceremony Theme

Have an awards ceremony where employees can vote or nominate people beforehand in their departments to give well-earned recognition.

The whole event can be turned into a mock Oscars night with replicated Academy Awards and a red carpet for real star value.

This theme can be made silly with joke awards that will surely garner lots of laughs!

3. Masquerade Theme

Add an element of mystery by turning your company party into a masquerade and seeing coworkers behind decorated masks.

The scenery will look a lot different than a normal day at the office, and guests can test how well they really know their coworkers.

Masquerades are good old fashioned fun and have been a favorite theme for royal ballroom events.

4. Pairings Theme

Have a flair for the art of food and drink?

Pairings served by knowledgeable chefs and servers are a fun way to gain expertise about the science of taste.

Embrace variations of wine or other spirits with tailored appetizer companions.

5. Cruise Dinners Theme

Take your employees out to sea!

The thrill of smooth sailing out on the water while attending an exclusive party creates a whole new feeling for guests.

For some this can be the opportunity of a lifetime or a dream come true.

Cruise dinners spark thoughts of luxury and adventure.

6. Cooking Demos Theme

Everyone loves the opportunity to not have to cook.

Bring fine dining and celebrity chefs right to your employees through providing on-site cooking demos on multiple "stations" that lets everyone see how the experts do it.

Cooking demos can cover a variety of international cuisines so the night can be a cultural experience as well!

7. Live Music and Entertainment (tip)

A great way to support a local band or other artist while pumping energy into attendees.

The best way to find the right entertainment for your entertainment is through recommendations.

Ask friends and family for music they've hired before, call up your city's local venues for recommendations or inquire at coffee shops in the area that host open mic nights.

8. Book Early (tip)

Especially if you plan on having large parties!

The places with the largest capacities are often the first to get booked so consider planning at least six months before if your party is over 300 people.

9. Make it a Fundraiser (tip)

Whatever your event, including a philanthropic cherry on top will boost incentive for attendance as well as create a greater sense of purpose in employees knowing your company is giving back.

Your company can specify donating a certain percentage of your total event cost or donate according to how many people arrive.

Your Turn...

Do you have any Company Party Themes or Tips to add?