Planning a corporate event?

Forget about booking that boring hotel function room, or that stuffy old convention center, in fact, forget about every idea you may have had up until NOW!

If want to host an event that people will be talking about for years to come... You need a venue that will leave your guests in awe.

Why Not Push The Boat Out...All The Way Out!

Everyone's A Winner

Sometimes employees need something to strive towards and they want to feel like their hard work and enthusiasm is being recognized, so why not reward them for it.

Show just how much you appreciate your employees by offering incredible incentives that everyone will want to be a part of, such as a once in a lifetime weekend getaway to a luxurious private estate.

Yes it may be costly, but in the end everyone is a winner.

Your business benefits and your employees benefit in exchange...what more could you want!

A great way to implement this strategy into your business is to offer an employee of the year award to whoever achieves the most outstanding performance at the end of each year.

Let's face it, who wouldn't want to jet off to the exotic paradisiacal Caribbean or Hawaii and spend a few nights away at a breathtaking venue like the fabulous Sunset Reef Villa Tabago or Paradise Point at Kailua Bay.



Boosting Company Image

Hiring extravagant venues for your business events is the perfect way to boost your company's image and let people know just how much of a high flyer you are!

Places such as the Chateau Palmier in California or the Manhattan Penthouse in New York City ooze luxury, quality and pure elegance, just being associated with high end places and venues like these will help to instantly improve your business standing.

If you need a cunning and oh so clever plan to lure in potential clients and get people talking about your business, then rejecting traditional venues in place of ones with a lot more punch and pizzazz is the only answer!



A Case of the Green Eyed Monster

Okay, okay, jealousy isn't a trait we are trying to promote by any means, but it doesn't hurt to make your competitors drool a little when they hear about where you happen to be hosting your annual Christmas party or where you wine and dine potential clients.

You may find that your competitors end up feeling a little intimidated or overwhelmed by your displays of extravagance, we say let them!

After all, there is no harm in letting people know your company is an industry leader that really means business.

There is a lot to be said for promoting a bit of healthy competition between rivals.



Show The Love

Trust us, anyone who is invited to an event hosted at a truly inspirational and exquisite venue is going to feel super special!

People understand the time, effort and cost that goes into organizing a big feature event, and they are sure to feel appreciated when they have the privilege of attending.

What better way to let your guests know just how much you care than treating them to the likes of the luxurious Highlands Castle in New York or better yet a trip aboard the Leight Star Yacht in San Diego.

Whatever event you throw, be it an award ceremony, a holiday party, or even a business convention, it certainly won't get forgotten in a hurry.



Strapped for Cash?

Just because you may be a little strapped for cash, doesn't mean you too can't create a buzz for your business with extravagant venues.

Who said you have to dip into your own pockets to cover the costs?

One way to overcome your money worries is to have your employees fund the venue themselves.

How about organizing a prize draw where everyone purchases a ticket and the winners receive a day or two away from the office to enjoy the majestic and divine settings of the chosen private estate.

Who said dreams couldn't come true...



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