Create a November to remember during Long Island Restaurant Week

Long Island is arguably the perfect November destination.

The holiday shopping and festival season is just warming up in nearby Manhattan, but the classic mid-Atlantic autumn is still easy to access all over the 138-mile-long island.

After the beautiful fall colors have peaked and the trick-or-treating is done for the year, Long Island fills the time before Thanksgiving preparations begin with eight days of exciting flavors.

Long Island Restaurant Week, held from November 3rd through 10th this year, brings the most elite chefs and most respected restauranteurs in the area together for moving feast.

Restaurants all over the island participate in this event.

November Long Island Restaurant Events

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Each venue offers a fixed-price three-course gourmet meal. Guests can choose from at least three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts at each restaurant.

Many places go well beyond this minimum, allowing patrons to choose their three dishes from an entire menu of options.

Most people are familiar with New York City's buzzed-about restaurant weeks, but the Long Island version does not pale in comparison.

More than 250 eateries are expected to participate this year, meaning that diners have some serious choices to make to narrow down their list of meal venues to eight or less.

Long Island Restaurant Week

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Alone, the Long Island Restaurant Week is an impressive event.

But couple it with the attractive list of festivities happening in the island's counties and in the five boroughs of New York City and Restaurant Week can become the centerpiece for a very special, event-filled time.

Yes, you could find your way to one of the upscale hotels or bed-and-breakfasts on the island.

Or you could even try to score an offseason deal at a resort on the Hamptons.

That is certainly an attractive idea, but if you want to take your flavor-filled Long Island experience to the next level, you should look to its luxury rental estates.

Long Island Estates and Restaurants

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The historic villages and expansive estates here on Long Island provide the perfect classic East Coast ambiance for people who value experiences that are truly timeless.

At the same time, the excitement, shopping, and cosmopolitan buzz of Manhattan and the other boroughs are an hour or less away, so you can really enjoy the best of both worlds while based on Long Island.

If you truly want to make this November a memorable one, you can rent a vacation estate like the four bedroom Long Island Estate in the historic village of Saint James.

This property has a number of Long Island essentials: it is set on three acres, it is only five minutes from the shoreline that overlooks Long Island Sound, you can easily reach the heart of New York City by train, and the property can only be accessed by local private road.

Many of the Long Island Restaurant Week's best venues sit along the coast or in the nearby historic hamlets that surround the estate.

Long Island Hamptons Estates for Rent

On the Hamptons, the Sag Harbor Estate is a good choice for people who want to throw their own gourmet-themed party into the Restaurant Week mix.

Or perhaps you just want a classically luxurious place to invite your friends or associates over for a post-meal cocktail party after the last dessert has been polished off.

The Sag Harbor Estate is a real Hamptons classic, with expansive grounds, a formal dining room area, a gated driveway, stone patios, and huge common areas.

There are also no less than seven bedrooms and six bathrooms inside the property.

All these traits, as well as the exclusive location, make this a must-rent estate for people who want to get the most out of their week on Long Island.


You can also peruse our other exclusive event-hosting venues on our website.

With a number of great options on Long Island, in the New York City area, and in the nearby Hudson Valley, you can choose the perfect venue for your November event in New York.

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