Creating The Perfect PlayList For Your Event

Party Planning is set! You have your menu all sorted {appetizers, main course, dessert and beverages}, decor all picked out and now it's time to set the tone with the perfect playlist.

Sometimes the element of putting the playlist together can fill a bit overwhelming as it helps bring the environment together as a whole. Well, we have you covered with some key points to keep in mind while setting the mood for your event...

Creating The Perfect PlayList For Your Event

Know Your Audience

When sitting down to start selecting songs for this fabulous playlist that everyone will want you to share with them, be sure to consider your guest list. Keep in mind your guest's style and trends. It's also fun to throw in songs that you know your attendees love and connect with. So many don't realize that a certain song can start a conversation or stop it.

Have your Timing Set

Know the length of your party so that you don't need to start the whole list over again. As much as I love Michael Buble's version of "You Don't Know Me," I am don't want to hear it four times at the same shindig. Be diligent in knowing your timing...which leads me into the next point...

Creating The Perfect PlayList For Your Event

Create the break in schedule

While knowing the timing of your celebration, also take into account the timing of your intro, dinner, and then mix 'n mingle, game or dance party time. Create a smooth transition between each yet be sure to not make your guests feel like they are a part of a program, but more of a space for them to compliment your intentionality. Making them feel loved and valued on top of all the other thoughtful expressions throughout your festivities.

Be Mindful Of The Vibe - Don't Confuse the Environment

While you are sorting your playlist out: timing, breaks, and such...take into consideration the vibe and aesthetics that you want to formulate the night. Ensure that your genres are not all over the board which will in turn confuse those that are in attendance. Keep the same authenticity throughout - using those transitional breaks in the evening for the key progressions that are on the party agenda.

Creating The Perfect PlayList For Your Event

End With A Bang!

Depending on what your ending activity is will determine what route you for the closing of your playlist. If your gathering is ending on a dance party note then say goodnight to your guests with a great send off: top charting song. If you are ending the evening on more calm note, then be clever in your song choosing. Pick something that says goodnight, but I love you all and glad you came...or that subtle shoulder shimmer to the door type of song. Make your guests smile on their way home with all the thoughtfulness that you showed along the way that has them talking for weeks down the road.

Your Turn...

I purposely left out song titles {except one}...what are some of your favorite songs to have going on in the background for your parties?