Is it just us, or did October bulldoze it’s way into our lives at a remarkably quick pace? One minute we were daydreaming about strawberry-picking and lemonade stands and the next, we’re tripping over hay stacks and caramel apples in this seasons hottest spot, the pumpkin patch. Before we wrap 2011 up for good, gather your team of hard working employees and take some time getting to know one another before the next chapter begins.

Over the course of a year, a lot can happen to a growing company. New faces flutter in, familiar faces move onward and upward, and somewhere in the middle of all this transitioning, the notion of camaraderie and connectivity may get lost along the way. Let’s not forget, even a business that employs hundreds relies on every member of their company to be truly successful.Whether you’re part of a brand new Internet start-up stationed in Silicon Valley or a notorious film studio filming out of Los Angeles, our properties are the perfect venue to bond with your employees or co-workers. Team bonding doesn't have to mean forming a Conga line and taking a trust walk; the women of Estate Weddings and Events have loads of creative ideas to keep your day light, fun and effective.

Hoping to get away from the stagnant office air? 

Check out the Caballo Estate in Northern California, fully equipped with all the lawn space an energetic desk-mate would want, we can create an afternoon filled with yoga, scavenger hunts, team trivia and the all American favorite, baseball!

Thinking your employees may prefer something a little less, sporty?

Check out the Cairo estate in San Juan Capistrano. With room for hundreds of participants on this amazing Southern California property, there’s space for cross-company Bingo, a night of “Who Done It?” or even a cooking class.

Perhaps your team has a taste for the sophisticated...

...And in that case, gather round the Sebastopol Sanctuary and we’ll take you for a day in wine country. Test your taste buds and truly enjoy a calm afternoon out of the office and away from the city.

No one knows your business better than you so give us a call and let us in on what makes your company unique. We’d be thrilled to provide you with a ton of options that would fit your particular team. From Karaoke Killers to Rock Climbing Adventurers, Estate Weddings and Events can’t wait to help you discover the next office inside joke!