Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

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There are so many different aspects to planning a wedding that one needs to think through, today we are focused on the after party + creative bar concepts.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to beverages: beer, cocktails, wine, etc. Don't be afraid to have fun with each element. With each pallet comes a certain taste which can be played out in glassware, signage, add-ins and display linens.

Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

Photo Credit: Oh To Baby

Whether your wedding is a mix of rustic + chic, modern, country, classic or maybe a tinge hipster...these inspiring bar setups will add to the dance floor and create another element for your guests to talk about.


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While creating each aspect of your beverage display, you can bring in your theme and colors to enhance the texture of the night as well as showcasing and introducing attendees to some of you favorite drinks.

Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

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This classic setup below {with the liquor} brought in an element that I could see so many men at the celebration drawn to. Not only a place to grab a glass of scotch on the rocks, but where the men can gather and have solid conversation while us ladies chat about fashion or catchup on the latest gossip.

Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

Lastly, the lighting is key to keep the warmth of the night going, continue to stir up magic that only twinkle lights can bring and help guide your guests to have another.

Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

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Your Turn...

What bar setup and/or drinks displays are you planning to have at your wedding?