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Pinterest is an amazing resource for recently engaged couples. It allows you to browse millions of inspirational images that can help you define your wedding vision. However, the sheer volume of information out there can quickly become distracting and confusing. All of a sudden, you’re browsing through arts and crafts projects, and you look up to find you don’t recognize how any of this décor relates to your personal style.

wedding planning tips without pinterest

If you start with a strong, well-defined vision that’s anchored in the true spirit of your relationship, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to find inspiration without getting sidetracked by ideas that don’t make sense for your wedding. The result will be a gorgeous, thoughtfully designed event that truly reflects your love.

Here are my key tips to defining your wedding design without Pinterest

Start at Home

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Which furniture catalogs do you hoard? Which ones go straight in the trash? If you love Restoration Hardware, note their use of neutral colors, heavy materials, and glamorous accessories. You may appreciate a wedding design balancing these industrial and feminine elements. If you’re a Pottery Barn fan, you may be drawn to a charming, traditional wedding design with natural textures and pops of seasonal color. If you consistently use certain colors, styles and textures to decorate your living space, chances are those same designs will work perfectly for your wedding.

Go Clothes Shopping

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If JCrew is your go-to store, you’re a likely candidate for an elegant yet preppy country club wedding with understated prints, bright colors and compact, classic flowers. If you’re more into Anthropologie, you may appreciate earthy accessories, organic wildflowers, and a time-worn venue with peeling walls.

Don’t forget to consider your partner’s style, too – and keep in mind, you don’t have to be a fashionista to have style. Does your significant other appreciate cozy tees and worn-in jeans? Draw inspiration from this and integrate elements of comfort into your big day. These could be things like soft fabric linens or a rustic seating area around a fire pit. The way you and your partner adorn yourselves each day is a great place to start for your wedding inspiration.

Align yourself with designers, florists and rental companies that share your personal style, and you’ll be well on your way to an event that’s a tasteful reflection of your relationship.

Look to Your Surroundings

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Natural surroundings offer a wealth of design inspiration for your wedding. Crisp white pairs beautifully with the blue sea for a beach wedding. Deep reds emphasize the coziness of a winter cabin wedding. Pale pinks can give you the perfect pop of color when they are used in an emerald green garden location.

In some cases, you have pre-existing elements you need to work with to create a cohesive vision. In this case, it’s wise to draw inspiration from the wedding venue rather than working against it. If your wedding will be in a ballroom with burgundy carpet, consider colors that will pair well with the room, such as deep plum and gold. If your venue is sleek and contemporary, carry that design throughout your wedding with clear ghost chairs and geometric vases.

Integrate Personalized Touches – Tastefully

wedding ideas and tips without pinterest

If you and your partner first bonded over the Twilight series, perhaps integrate the famous hanging wisteria flowers into your altar. Your close friends will see the inspiration, and it’s classic enough that you won’t regret it down the road. You want to keep it tasteful. If your invitations have vampire bite marks, and you’ve asked your makeup artist to dust sparkling powder all over the groom, it might be time to dial it back. You and your partner are celebrating a meaningful and exciting life decision. You are multi-faceted individuals, and your relationship runs deeper than your shared love of a movie series.

Or, Don’t Design Your Wedding at All!

wedding design without pinterest tips

There are many wedding professionals out there who live to create your dream day. These experts will get to know you and your partner personally and craft a completely unique and consistent vision, from your color palette to your invitations, lighting and floral designs. If you’re feeling stumped on your wedding design, reach out to wedding planners or florists who offer design services. Ask them about their design processes before setting up a consultation. These services can go a long way toward creating the wedding of your dreams.

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Design/Planning: Meggie Francisco -

Photography: Nicole Berrett -

Floral: The Southern Table -

Hair and Makeup: Beauty and the Blush -

Gown: Bhldn -

Location: Aristide -

Paper Goods: Yeti and the Beast -

Linens: BBJ -

Décor accents: Gold Dust Vintage Rentals -

Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets –

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