Destination Wedding Gifts

Normally, getting gifts at a wedding isn't a big deal.

You register for items you want, tell your guests where you're registered, and let the presents start rolling in at your door or at the reception.

But with destination wedding gifts, things get more complicated.

Is it really a good idea to register for gifts if you're asking people to spend money on travel? Do you really want to deal with taking gifts back home from your destination location if guests bring them along? And do you even need gifts?

See? Complicated. But it doesn't have to be; figuring out the destination wedding gifts quandary can be easy as long as you go through all your options and make an informed decision.

Here's how you can deal with the wedding gift situation for your destination wedding:

Ask yourself if you really want gifts.

Everyone wants gifts, right? Is this even a legitimate question?

Yes, it definitely is. Some couples would rather see their close friends and family at the wedding than get expensive gifts.

As mentioned above, guests will be paying to attend your wedding in a distant location, which can cost them a lot of money. The couple who would prefer to alleviate any financial burdens may not request gifts at all; the honor of these guests' presence is enough of a wedding present!

Think carefully about what you're asking of your guests in terms of cost and how they may or may not be able to handle that. If most of your guests are going to struggle to afford even attending the wedding, you should consider doing away with the idea of destination wedding gifts all together.

You will not regret this decision on your wedding day when you see their smiling faces in the crowd.

Destination Wedding Gifts: Ask yourself if you really want gifts.

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Alternatively, register for gifts and clarify where they should go.

If you know most of your wedding guests are well-off or would like to get you a gift, register for the items you and your significant other really need or want to start a life together. Try to register for variously-priced presents so guests with less to spend have options to choose from.

Next, let your guests know where you registered at, and then make sure you also tell them where to send your destination wedding gifts.

It's a pain for your guests to take gifts along to the wedding location, especially if it's a far-off destination and they'd have to bring the gift on a plane. It'd also be a pain for you to receive these presents on your wedding day with no good way to transport them home without having to pay for extra luggage or shipping fees.

This is why you need to have a destination wedding gift "game plan." In terms of etiquette, you as a couple (or your parents) can acceptably let guests know that you'd like all gifts to be sent to your residence.

You could also choose to have guests bring gifts to parties taking place before the wedding (like the bridal shower).

The only issue to consider here is if you want to invite people to your pre-parties but not your wedding. In this case, you may want to avoid asking for destination wedding gifts at these events or it will seem like you're just trying to milk people for gifts.

Destination Wedding Gifts: Alternatively, register for gifts and clarify where they should go.

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You could also consider less "bulky" gifts.

That stand mixer will probably look awesome on your kitchen counter, but it sure is heavy, and therefore pretty expensive to ship. Some guests would rather avoid wasting money on shipping when they could just give the extra money to you.

So make this possible for them -- wedding gifts don't always have to be things.

One easy way to avoid the hassle of physically large and bulky items is to request guests give you destination wedding gifts in one of these forms:

-- a donation to a charity of your choice
-- a gift card to a store you're registered at
-- a chunk of cold, hard cash

Hardly any guest can complain at the ease of these gift ideas! They're simple and always appreciated (on everyone's end).

Destination Wedding Gifts: You could also consider less "bulky" gifts.

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Your Turn...

Dealing with the "problem" of destination wedding gifts doesn't have to cause you extra stress in your wedding planning process. Pick one of the above options and let your wedding party and guests know what you've decided. Problem solved!

Do you plan to ask for gifts for your destination wedding?