Imaginative, Travel-Inspired Destination Wedding Invitations That Will Convince Your Guests to Hop on the Plane by Estate Weddings and EventsI'm a huge fan of the TV show Scrubs.

Though it's been off the air for years, I still resort back to it every so often on Netflix. One of my favorite episodes is when the Janitor and his fiancé Lady pass out wedding invitations written in black marker on plain white paper.

Yep, they were that lame.

The couple meant it to be a joke, hoping no one would show up to their destination wedding in the Bahamas, but they were wrong.

I could go into a deep analysis about how it doesn't matter what your destination wedding invitations look like, because true friends and family will always show up to your wedding no matter where it's at, and that you shouldn't worry so much about something people might throw away later anyway.

But I won't, because darn it all, you're having a wedding! And we like pretty things for our wedding days, don't we?

If you've got the money to sink into some awesome destination wedding invitations that make a dramatic impact on your guests (so much so that they can't resist saying yes to the plane ticket!), these are our top design picks!

1. Passport to Adventure

Turn that boring old legal document into something as fun as the stamps put in it.

This destination wedding invitation can be as simple as one folded sheet that opens to look like the first page of a passport, or you can go all-out and create a booklet with information on every single page of the passport (you can even leave room for the "stamps" section in the back for guests to jot down information about your wedding).

Wedding Invitations: Destination Wedding Ideas

Photo from Wedding Salon

Wedding Invitations: Passport Idea

Photo from From Me 2 You Creations

2. Ticket in Hand

You can't purchase your guests' tickets for them to your Italy-based wedding, but you can get them excited about holding them with fake copies!

Like the passport, you can play around with the format of these by providing more than one ticket to hold extra information, or you can include a ticket as only one part of a  typical destination wedding invitation. Just make sure your guests realize these aren't real. That'd be a sticky situation.

Wedding Invitations in the form of plane tickets

Photo from Full Wedding Sources

Plane Ticket Design for Invitations

Photo from Wedding Salon

3. Build a Plane

Prepare your guests for their actual plane ride by sending them a mini version.

Though most of the examples online are for save the dates, you can easily turn these into full-out invitations. Provide some string or fishing wire along with the wooden pieces to encourage guests to hang the piece as a more visual reminder of your upcoming nuptials.

Wedding invitations in the form of a plane

Photo from Jet Fete

Use a plane as your wedding invitation design

Photo by Invitation Crush

4. Message in a Bottle

We featured these before in another one of our unique invitation posts, but they're just so incredible we have to mention them again.

Bottles are particularly suited for destination wedding invitations because of their adventurous history related to far-off, remote destinations (though you're arguably not stuck on an island somewhere, which is good).

Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitation Ideas

Photo from Be Wedding Planner

Creative Wedding Invite Ideas: Message in a Bottle

Photo from Anisha Concepts

5.Take a Seat

Help convince your guests that they could have a relaxing vacation if they come to your wedding with these adorable chair invitations.

You can go with paper invitations that actually fold out, or you could consider upgrading to real wood mini beach chairs (though these will arguably be more expensive per invitation).

Chair invitation ideas

Photo from Little Flamingo

6. Flip-flop Comfort

If you're getting married at a far-away beach venue, you're going to love these destination wedding invitations.

What's more perfect (besides the adirondack chair invitations) for a beach wedding than flip-flops?

Wedding invitations: Flip-flop Idea

Photo from Web Designer Depot

Flip-flop design for your invitations

Photo from Weddings in the Philippines

7. All Mapped Out

Want to give your guests a quick geography lesson? Try sending them a map.

You can go all-out with these destination wedding invitations by including not just a picture of the location but also maps of nearby airports, directions on how to get to the wedding venue, places to see around the area, etc. Your guests will appreciate having their trip planned out for them (besides the plane tickets)!

Use a map for your wedding invite design

Photo from Jet Fete

Destination wedding invites: Map Design

Photo from Contemporary Bride

8. Packed and Ready to Go

Finally, what could be more fitting for a destination wedding than trunk-themed invitations!

Quite possibly the most expensive way to send invitations out of this entire list, they're probably also the most unique and eye-catching option. On the plus side, if you wanted to send your guests anything other than paperwork, you may as well send them a trunk to store it all in.

Trunk-themed invitations

Photo from Chelsea Nicole

Luggage-themed invitations

Photo from Happiness Is

Your Turn...

There's no shortage of creativity in destination wedding invitations; we haven't even talked about invitations that center around your location's themes yet! Take a look around at all your options and pick the invitations you're sure will make your guests hop on their computers to buy their plane tickets right away.

Which of these destination wedding invitations can you see yourself using and why? Are you going with something else? Let us know in the comments!