During the month of November, companies across the Nation are scrambling together, setting meetings left and right, acquiring clients from the far corners of the world and preparing for a rock-star 2012. Usually corporate meetings, the enigmatic "pitch" and company-wide conferences are scheduled in stuffy meeting rooms, any available room within the office or even the staple fine-dining restaurant down the street. Want to know a way to really impress your potential client? Have your next meeting at one of our properties and we'll ensure you have everything you need and more.

We all know the pleasure and relaxation that comes from spending time at a warm California home. Whether it's the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean or the expansive vineyards of a substantial estate, a sense of calm and joy seems to wash over us upon entering such properties. Bring this tranquility to the meeting space by inviting your clients for both presentations, inquiries and even finalization of the latest contract. Need a projection screen? Got 'em. A couple platters of appetizers or brain food? Oh we can put something together. Activities between meetings? Tell us your pleasure and we'll put it together.

Estate Weddings and Events is happy to transform our properties into the ideal work space. Check out the Gridley Ranch in Ojai. Entertain your clients at a morning meeting with a hearty breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice from the garden and homemade frittatas while you stare at the beautiful view before you. Have afternoon conversation at a deep-wood dining table filled with natural light and equestrian decor. Flesh out the details over dinner by the fire and allow the evening to feel more like a night off then just a night off site.

Whether weeks in advance or last minute reservations required, we're happy to be that final push to get the ball rolling.