DIY Valentines Decor

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Valentines Day is right around the corner {5 days away} and we wanted to help you throw one of the best Valentines Day dinner parties yet.  I am one that loves throwing Valentines Day gatherings, not only for the couples, but for the singles as a little matchmaker, if you will.

I am a big fan of the rustic vibe.  Using older items to add a bit more texture and warmth to a room.  The above image with the ladder over the dining room table is prime {admittedly, it is not Valentines Day specific, but a great item to have year round}.

DIY Valentines Decor

Next we have the classic, yet elegant tablescape.  I'm a big fan of not going too over board with the reds and pinks on Valentines, yet bring in the hints of it amongst the clean 'n crisp of black and white. Plus this way you could even play a fun game of "The Bachlor" or what not with the rose on each setting.

DIY Valentines Decor

Photo Credit: ShapeFoundry | Etsy

It's all about the intentionality when it come to putting on a great dinner party or event.  These great wine stem charms with "love" in different languages on them is so clever!  Not only does it spread the love, but you also get a little language lesson on your Valentines Day.

DIY Valentines Decor

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Lastly, who doesn't like the traditional candy conversation hearts?!  I admittedly, do not like the taste of them, but I love making things out of them for my special someone or for friends. By making this "banner," I don't have to eat them...just enjoy the sentiment and cute little sayings that make me and my Valentines smile.

Your Turn....

What are some of your favorite DIY Valentines decorations?