Herbal Tea Bags Weddings Favors

Tasty delights always a hit with guests, which is why we've rounded up 10 of the best DIY wedding favors that you can make in your kitchen.

Homemade Granola 

If you're hosting a natural or rustic inspired wedding then granola makes for the perfect DIY wedding favor. If you're a passionate foodie then you can make your very own custom granola blend featuring all your most loved ingredients, or if you prefer you can buy your favorite flavor in bulk.

Once you have decided on your granola you can get creative with the packaging. Simple Kraft paper bags or cute little jars are both great for sharing out your granola as they are easy to use and you can style them in infinite ways.

Discover how to make your own crunchy granola over at Evermine.

Homemade Granola Wedding Favors

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Blueberry Sauce

You can never have to much fruit at a summer or fall wedding, which is why these delicious blueberry sauce wedding favors are an absolute must if you're tying the knot when all the local produce is ripe and ready for the picking.

The best part of all is that blueberries are a superfood so you need not feel guilty about this sumptuous sauce. Prep time is super quick, then all you need to do is pour the sauce into small jars and decorate with a tag. Don't forget to keep some for yourself to enjoy over pancakes!

Get the recipe and see the tutorial for these blueberry sauce DIY wedding favors at Intimate Weddings.

Blueberry Sauce Wedding Favors

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Spice Rub

Whatever time of the year you are getting hitched these spice rub wedding favors will fit right in. Spice mixes are easy to make and will provide your guests with many delicious meals. Play on the theme and location of your wedding and make a spice mix which is inspired by your key elements, for example if you are saying your "I Do's" on the beach in Mexico then why not include traditional favorites such as annatto, cilantro and marjoram.

Mason jars are the best way to package your spice rubs because they will keep the contents fresh and secure. Adorn the jars with decorative touches that compliment your wedding colors.

Find out more about how to make these thoughtful favors over at Epicurious.

Spice Rub Wedding Favors

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Recipe In A Jar

From chocolate chip cookies to vanilla sponge cake, fill your recipe jars with your favorite homemade creation and rest assured knowing your guests will be thinking of you as they tuck into their baked goodies.

The trick to making sure your recipe jars look beautiful is adjusting the recipe so that the ingredients fill the jars to the top, and carefully layering each component so that they are visible from the side. Use twine or ribbon to secure the recipe card or tag to the jar, and you're good to go!

Watch the entire process and get inspired to make your own recipe jars at Rustic Wedding Chic.

Recipe In A Jar Wedding Favors

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Herb Infused Oil

Almost everyone uses oil which is why these inexpensive, not too time consuming, and most importantly pretty herb infused oil wedding favors are sure to go down a treat with your family and friends. If you have an abundance of fresh herbs growing in your garden then these DIY wedding favors were made for you. 

Perfect for salad dressings, marinades or drizzling on heirloom tomatoes or crusty bread, you really can't go wrong with these practical favors that will take pride of place on everyone's kitchen counter.

Find out how to make the infusion at Pepper Design Blog.

Herb Infused Oil Wedding Favors

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Herbal Tea Bags

Homemade tea blends are easy to make and easy to package, the only hard part is figuring out what kind of tea you want to create. Whether you pick your own herbs and hang them to dry or buy in bulk you are free to create a truly unique blend that reflects you as a couple.

From peppermint and raspberry to rose and cinnamon, you can get really creative with your flavors. As for packaging you can either handstitch your own cotton tea bags or buy them premade and simply fill with your chosen herbs.

Discover how to make every tea lovers dream wedding favor at Ruffled Blog.

Herbal Tea Bags Weddings Favors

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Flavored Cordial

Just as you may feature a signature drink or cocktail during your wedding reception, you can also create a signature beverage for guests to take away with them. Cordials are great fun to play around with and guests can add them to water, soda or even use them to make their very own creative cocktails at home.

Flavored cordials are super refreshing and perfect for those hot days making them the ideal accompaniment for a summer wedding. Use vintage or glass bottles for storing your cordials and decorate with custom labels.

For recipe suggestions and a detailed tutorial on how to create your own flavored cordials visit Uschi & Kay.

Flavored Cordial Wedding Favors

Photo credit: Uschi & Kay

Handmade Soap

Not everything you make in the kitchen has to be edible, although these gorgeous handmade soaps certainly look good enough to eat!

Soap making is nowhere near as hard as it may sound, and you only need one big pot to melt all the ingredients into which means minimal damage control afterwards. The best part is rummaging through the garden and cupboards coming up with unique combinations for your soaps.

See exactly how to make your own DIY soap wedding favors along with packaging inspiration at 100 Layer Cake.

Handmade Soap Wedding Favors

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Lavender Bath Salts

While we're on the subject of non edible DIY wedding favors that you can make in your kitchen, these luscious lavender bath salts would also make great gifts and you don't even have to be a DIY diva to get involved.

They look beautiful and they smell heavenly, and better yet they are easy peasy to make. Simply gather your ingredients, mix everything in a bowl, and package as you please.

Check out the tutorial and learn how to make your own lavender bath salts over at Heart Love Weddings.

Lavender Bath Salts Wedding Favors

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Antiqued Clay Tags

Oven bake clay is incredibly versatile and extremely easy to work with, and the results are always fantastic. Small projects like these antiqued clay tags take next to no time to prepare, and they won't stink out your kitchen in the process.

Use any stamp you like for the motif and once baked use a combination of silvers, turquoise and copper colors to achieve the rustic antique look, before finally finishing with matte varnish. They are so pretty that no one would even guess you handmade them!

Discover the complete tutorial over at Intimate Weddings.

Antiqued Clay Tags Wedding Favors

Photo credit: Intimate Weddings

Are you planning on DIY wedding favors? What have you got in mind? Share with us in the comments below...