Green Wedding Favors

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Having green wedding favors doesn’t necessarily mean guests going home with bottle cap picture frames.

Take note brides: eco-conscious can be classy!

Here are some easy ideas for humble, earth-friendly gifts.


Green Wedding Ideas

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Handing out seed packets with a quote about growing love or any other play on words is a cute way to encourage green thumbs in your guests.

Not to mention, the seeds hint at what comes next on everyone's mind!

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..."

Wanna go greener?

Cut back on wasting paper by printing wedding invitations on seed-paper.

By doing so recipients can plant the paper instead of throwing it away!

Succulents :

Planning a Green Wedding

Photo, Simply Bloom

Succulents are water-retaining plants that can go for longer periods without being watered.

This is a great wedding favor for guests who have traveled long distances.

Use as table decorations or arrange them on their own table with a "Take Me Home" sign.

These favors will be around long after that special day.

Donation in Guests Name:

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Instead of plastic-wrapped candies, try a gift that gives back.

Choose a charity with a cause you feel strongly about and make a donation under the name of your guests.

Your guests will feel like they played a part in making a difference in more ways than one.

Our company, Estate Weddings and Events, pays it forward and donates a portion of the funds received from your wedding to a charity of your choice.

Learn more about our EWE Gives Back program.

Take-home Centerpieces:

Green Wedding Tips

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If you want to incorporate mother nature into your table arrangements, place a piece of natural wood carved with the initials of the bride and groom.

Really, there is something special about seeing lovers’ initials carved into a tree that never ceases to make us smile. (i.e., C + J Forever 9/18/12)

And last but not least, the stage!


Green Wedding Venues

Photo, from Estate Weddings and Events

Go with a venue that makes the most out of the sun's warm and natural lighting.

Outdoor weddings can remind guests of how beautiful natural landscapes are.

This is especially true when the backdrop becomes enhanced by your wedding touches!

We recommend:

Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, Colorado (pictured above)

Green Event Venues

Hollywood Hybrid in Hollywood, California (above)

Green Wedding Locations

Wind and Sea in Bur Sur, California (above)

Eco-friendly weddings show love that goes beyond two people.

Know any more green wedding favor ideas we haven't mentioned?

Share your thoughts below...