Eco-Friendly Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces offer a unique opportunity for you to unleash your creative side.

If you're planning on hosting a green wedding, then chances are you're also on the lookout for ideas and inspiration that will help bring your eco-friendly wedding centerpieces to life.

Get inspired with our selection of green centerpieces...

Edible Centerpieces --

The top of our list for eco-friendly wedding centerpieces has got to be these awesome edible fruit and veggie displays. Whether it's eaten or composted, you can feel great knowing that nothing has gone to waste. We know what you're thinking, but seriously go ahead and Google "edible wedding centerpieces" right now and prepare to drool.

edible wedding centerpieces

Image via Once Wed

Potted Plants --

From basil to banzai trees, potted plants are ideal wedding centerpieces. Store bought flowers cost a bomb and aren't very ecological. Commercially grown flowers are produced using harmful pesticides, chemicals and dyes, and that's not to mention the transportation involved! Go local and go with potted plants. They are a great alternative to cut flowers and they also double up as wonderful wedding favors.

potted plants are ideal wedding centerpieces

Image via Precious Sister

Succulents --

Succulents are fast becoming one of the most favored eco friendly wedding centerpiece ideas. They're cheap, they're gorgeous, and of course they're green. They're also incredibly adaptable and can be featured in a plethora of interesting and exciting displays. What's more, succulents come in a variety of beautiful soft muted colors so you can be sure to find ones to compliment your palette.

Succulents are one of the most favored eco friendly wedding centerpiece ideas

Image via HGTV

Moss --

Before you say anything, when done right, moss can actually make a very beautiful and delicate wedding centerpiece that will leave your guests completely taken aback with your creative flair. Use it as a table runner, to dress up your candle holders, or even wrap it around old bottles or tins, the possibilities with moss are endless.

Wedding centerpieces using moss

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Handmade Flowers --

If you don't want cut flowers, and potted plants aren't really floating your boat either, then why not opt for handmade flowers instead? If you're a dab hand at arts and crafts, and you've got some spare time to kill, then you could make you own. For practicalities sake there is always Etsy!

Handmade Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Image via Danas Paper Flowers

Branches --

Tree branches are dramatic and enchanting, and if you have the opportunity to collect your own from a nearby woodland or national park, then there really isn't a greener option. Choose branches that offer unusual twists and intrigue, and make sure they are strong and durable. Use VOC free paints if you want to color them, and then decorate with led lights, flowers or whatever else takes your fancy.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas using Branches

Image via Liv Showroom

Glass, Water and ...

Glass and water are a powerful combination that can be teamed with almost anything to create a show stopping centerpiece. From stones, to flowers, to candles or fruit, you can really let your creative juices flow with this eco friendly wedding centerpiece idea. Depending on the size and shape of your table you can opt for round fishbowls or tall thin vases, or a blend of the two.

Glass and water centerpiece ideas

Image via Martha Stewart

Soy Candles --

Unlike traditional candles, soy candles are super clean and they don't produce that unsightly black soot that a paraffin candles does. They are also much more cost effective and environmentally sound. Produced using the highly renewable soy bean and grown in American fields, choose organic soy candles and you can't go wrong!

Centerpieces using Soy Candles

Image via Whiteme

Wood --

It might not sound very exciting, but boy there are some pretty gorgeous looking pieces of wood out there, and when utilized effectively they can really add a wow factor to your eco friendly wedding centerpieces. The gnarlier the wood the bigger the impact!

Centerpieces using natural wood

Image via Cathie Filian

Recycled Glass --

Whether it's old wine bottles or Mason jars, reused or recycled glass are the perfect green wedding centerpieces. Choose a mishmash of  different size bottles and colors for the greatest effect. Fill them with your decoration of choice, be it wildflowers, branches or candles, for an instantly recognizable eco friendly wedding centerpiece.

Wedding centerpieces using recycled glass

Image via The Bridal District

Your Turn...

Which eco-friendly wedding centerpieces are your faves? Share your thoughts in the comments below...