Edgy Wedding Styles: Tradition Meets Chic

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If you're one of those people who would do unspeakable things to raid Rihanna's closet before hitting a Jeff Koons exhibit, let me guess, just the word "wedding" can put a pit in your stomach. Unfortunately, weddings struggle with reps of being either overly cutsie and Pinterest-y or stuck in the 1800s. But its 2014 and I say weddings should be chic, cutting edge, and fabulous (I'm just going to have to veto culottes...for now.) Here are some cool wedding trends that will be respected from your Vineyard-Vines-wearing-mom and still be fashion blog worthy. I like to call this little love tale, "When Tradition Met Chic".


Photos are a huge part of weddings. Let's be honest, they're a huge part of our daily lives. Shall we pause so we can check our newest SnapChat? In all seriousness, in our crazy 21st-century world the challenge is how to make wedding photos stand out among all the pictures we take on a daily basis.

Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina are some of my favorite film photographers in the game because of their sharp artistic eye and fearlessness behind the camera, especially with weddings. Often times, wedding photographers don't want to take risks simply because you can't "re-do" a wedding and they don't want to miss the moment. This can lead to some great standard images but little artistic direction.

An almost sure way to find a photographer who likes to go out of the box is to hunt down those that prefer film. Film provides a broader color range and of course, a fantastic grain. Or when choosing a photographer you can take a hint from awesomely unconventional website titles like Elizabeth Messina's, "Kiss the Groom". Be prepared for photographers to take a heaping spoonful of artistic liberty but all's fair in love and art, right?

Images below courtesy of Jose Villa.

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Edgy Wedding Styles: Photography

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Yes, I'm serious about this one. I know selfies may conjure images of teen girls and duck faces, but they have become a huge part of our current culture. Selfies can be used as time stamps to relay the culture of when a monumental moment took place. Hey, it be that selfies are the 80s perm of 2014. Just remember that while selfies are great, keep them chic and limit yourself to just a few. But you already know that. Take a look at how edgy newly weds Dustin Dollin and Emilie Kareh mastered the #weddingselfie.

Edgy Wedding Selfies

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Although Kim Kardashian's marriage may not have lasted long, her wedding should be applauded for putting all white weddings back on the map. With all of her bridesmaids in white the wedding looked chic, clean, and even etherial. White is not only a fantastic color, it's taboo-breaking character makes it that much more appealing. Even if you don't want to go completely white, you can still break the status-quo by having the bridesmaids in cream or off-white tones. Also, for more cool-points, don't have the bridesmaids wear the same dress but rather let them pick out favorites with respect to the same color pallet.

Cutting Edge Wedding Styles

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Cut out old boring styles, that is. Cut outs and crops are everywhere, from swanky clubs in Milan to frail models in New York City, this trend has made its way around the globe for a reason. Flattering forms have even helped the cut out craze enter our beloved wedding world.

I love the way this dress integrates the crop top into a wedding style by pushing the boundary but respecting the occasion.

Cutting Edge Wedding Dress

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Angel Sanchez masters the cut outs here and uses a unique texture to give the bride that je ne sais quoi.

Edgy Wedding Dresses

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Edgy Wedding Dress Ideas

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This is another winner by Angel Sanchez. He not only masters the use of sheer fabric but also incorporates the crop. If you're feeling really daring, go French-style and ditch the bra!

Edgy Wedding Dress Style Ideas

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I know we all love our Moleskin notebooks and film cameras but sometimes techy trinkets are much needed. Instead of having your friends and family sign a guest book, opt for an awesome video/photo booth where they can record their own short clip and "secret message". You'll find these video messages to be timeless and priceless. I guarantee you a guest book would not be able to compete with these vids, even if everything was written in a vintage calligraphy pen.

Edgy Wedding Decor Ideas

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There is nothing better than a mimosa filled brunch on Sunday Fun Day so why not bring that fun to your wedding? Instead of having a formal dinner, do brunch! Besides, everyone loves a good mimosa bar. Cheers!

Edgy Wedding Ideas: Brunch

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Weddings should never lack style because of tradition. Just like horn-rimmed glasses, past classics can always be made chic and new.

Your turn... 

What are your chic wedding inspirations?