Barn Wedding Venues

For those who prefer a wedding location a bit more outside the box, a barn could be the perfect solution.

Barn weddings combine the charm of natural surroundings and rich history, evoking a true sense of warmth.

We've compiled tips, event inspiration, and potential barn wedding locations to help you plan the perfect, elegant barn wedding.

Add Elegant Elements

Event though your wedding may be taking place in a rustic barn where tractors and animals were once housed, that does not mean that your barn wedding has to be entirely rustic.

Add elegant elements, such as dramatic fabric draping and chandeliers to transform the rustic space into an chic, romantic setting.

Elegant Barn Weddings & Ideas

Given that barns are often huge in size (and feature extremely high ceilings), incorporating elegant elements that would generally be found in an upscale home or hotel can also help to bring a more intimate feel to the barn and personalize the space.

Embrace the Barn's History & Charm

When choosing a unique venue, it is always a great idea to share the location's history or significance with your guests.

Include a story of how the barn came to be or use a silhouette of the barn in your paper products and invitations.

Embrace the barn's charm by incorporating classic "barn" elements, such as hay bails.

Barn Wedding Venues

Use Natural Elements & Fabrics

By using natural colors, fabrics, and elements into your florals and decor, you will create an event space that is complimentary to your surroundings and the architecture of the barn.

For example, the incorporation of twigs, assorted vases, mason jars, and burlap table runners (below) brings the feeling of the barn and surrounding land to the dining table.

Barn Wedding Locations

Decor inspiration photos are courtesy of Cosmopolitan Events by Katy Higgins. Courtney & Chris' Rustic Barn Wedding (at The Olsen Barn in Chester, CA) has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings