Maybe you find yourself endlessly watching YouTube videos of cute animals or perhaps you have your own small herd at home. If you’re a big animal lover, and have found your match in another human who enjoys them just as much as you (or even more), maybe you should consider eloping in a location that connects you to the animal world.

You aren’t the average couple, so why have an average wedding? If a big wedding isn’t your thing, eloping in an exotic location can be the perfect way to celebrate your love. Sure there are zoos, but have you considered something a bit more unique? A safari camp may be the perfect fit for your elopement. Once you have your ceremony, you can blend your honeymoon right into your safari itinerary.

There are a lot of safari options available to you, and you might have a difficult time choosing just one. Here is a guide to help you choose the right safari camp.

Giraffe Manor – Nairobi, Kenya

Elopement Destinations for the Animal Lovers Kenya

Giraffe Manor sits within a 140-acre forest on 12 acres of privately owned land. The estate was built in the 1930s and is home to a famous herd of Rothschild giraffes. The giraffe will greet you by poking their heads in the windows in hopes of getting a treat.

Guided walking tours are available at the sanctuary, and sightseeing vehicles can drive you around the Langata area. One excursion near Giraffe Manor is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Here, you can meet and feed baby elephants!

 Bamurru Plains – Humpty Doo, Australia

Elopement Destinations for the Animal Lovers Australia

Are you more of a bird person? You might enjoy eloping at Bamurru Plains, where you can have a different kind of nature experience. This beautiful luxury camp is located in the floodplains in Kakadu National Park. At Bamurru, you’ll see one of the world's largest and diverse bird populations. The area is also home to crocodiles, wallabies and dingos.

Bamurru is incredibly private and offers unique tented suites. These accommodations will give you views of the scenery all around you. You can explore the wildlife with an airboat or a 4x4 driving tour. Another phenomenal experience that Bamurru offers is their wildlife photography master class.

Sher Bagh – Rajasthan, India

Elopement Destinations for the Animal Lovers Sher Bagh

If you’re more of a cat person, you may really enjoy the experience at Sher Bagh, which sits just outside the famous Ranthambhore Tiger Preserve. This tented camp is far from ordinary. You’ll benefit from modern conveniences like wifi and air conditioning. Dining and spa services are top notch and will be just what you need after a long day out on safari.

On your safari drive, you will encounter everything from tigers, jaguars, mongoose, pythons, deer, crocodiles and even the animal that has stolen so many hearts over the last couple of years…the sloth.

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