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Cabo San Lucas is one of the most well known destinations on Mexico's Baja Peninsula. It is set apart from Mexico's other beach resort destinations geographically and also in its atmosphere. Many people who have discovered the magic of Baja will tell you that Cabo is more accessible and more authentic than its more popular peers.

March is a popular time of year to visit any warm weather destination thanks to Spring Break season. However, this season is an especially wonderful time to visit Cabo San Lucas. The reasons have nothing to do with beaches or resorts or vacation traditions and everything to do with the stunning nature and memorable cultural experiences that are available to vacationers who travel to this Baja destination.

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One of the best things about Cabo San Lucas is the ease with which you can experience the local culture. Cabo's laid back image does not only apply to the tourist scene. Locals are usually welcoming and relaxed towards visitors.

Festival de San Jose, held in San Jose del Cabo takes place over 10 days in mid March. This festival starts out with small parties and concerts in town, but in the following days it escalates with parades, beauty contests, larger concerts and parties and food.

San Jose del Cabo is Cabo San Lucas's more rural, relaxed sister. When people talk about how easy it is to find traditional Mexican lifestyle in Cabo, they are usually referring to San Jose. Luckily, both towns are easily accessible since they sit on the same 20 mile stretch of coastline.

You can also hang out in the beautiful plaza Mijares and enjoy the colonial era vibe of the San Jose Mission and the City Hall. There is also an arts district in San Jose that is worth a look for gallery fans.

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Because of its position jutting out into the Pacific, Cabo is a great place for whale watching. These majestic mammals migrate from the cold waters of the northern Pacific all the way to tropical warmth of the Baja peninsula's coast. From December until the end of March, these creatures bask in the waters off Baja.

8 different species have been spots near Cabo, including blue whales, grey whales and humpbacks. The shallow waters around Cabo offer perfect conditions for whales to breed and raise their young.

Tour operators offer whale watching cruises on larger yacht, while more adventurous travelers opt to get closer to these giants of the ocean in smaller inflatable boats with simple outboard motors.

The best choice, though, is to rent a private whale watching boat and cruise the waters just as you want. The best whale watching charters have marine biologists and naturalists on staff who can not only explain what types of whales you are seeing, but also point the boats captain to the places that have the best odds of close-up whale  or dolphin encounters..

Cabo Villa Rentals

The weekend following the end of the San Jose festivities features one of Cabo's most anticipated sporting and charity events.

The Fred Duckett Golf Challenge. Held at the seaside Querencia and Palmilla golf clubs, this event benefits the Cabo San Lucas Children's Foundation.

In addition to the world class golf on two of Mexico's most beautiful courses, this weekend features a Grand Gala, which features music, gourmet food and other entertainment.

The only question: where to stay. If you choose the right accommodations, you can add another memorable element to your Cabo experience. We have recently begun to offer a number of quality vacation rental villas in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas.

Vacation Rental Villas in Cabo

Villa Clara Vista is a Mediterranean-style five level villa that boasts views of both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. With terraces, patios and balconies galore, there are a virtually limitless amount of views for guests to enjoy. An infinity swimming pool and a hot tub mean that you can also enjoy the views while swimming or enjoying a soak. Indoors, this property boasts marble floors, six luxury suites, each with its own private bath and ocean-view balcony, and a modern home theater system.

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The Villa Bellissima is another five-level estate with multiple suites with separate amenities. It also boasts an infinity pool, stunning ocean views, a number of balconies, patios and terraces, and expansive interiors. Whereas the Villa Clara Vista has a classic Mediterranean vibe, Villa Bellissima's architecture is thoroughly modern. The extensive use of windows means that you can enjoy the stunning Pacific Coast views even if you are inside. A state-of-the-art entertainment system and a huge kitchen round out Bella's impressive list of amenities. There is even space here to host a special event if you'd like.


We have other options in the 20-mile-long Cabo area.  See our special Mexico page to search for the perfect accommodation for your next Cabo vacation.

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