Estate Weddings and Events and Wedding Spot

One of the questions we get most often as a private estate venue website is: How much does an estate wedding cost? While we could speak with you directly to answer that question according to your needs, brides who want an interactive way on the web to calculate the cost of their estate wedding with the price of chairs, coordination, and more all built into one, can finally breathe a sigh of relief! We recently discovered a website that has an easy solution to that big cost question - Wedding Spot!

About Wedding Spot

Wedding Spot based in Northern California is the first online site that allows you to search, price, and compare wedding venues. We love how easy this website makes it for our clients to find out exactly how much their venue will cost - guest count, and amenities included.

The cost question can be very difficult to answer upfront as a venue since there are so many details that go into total cost of your wedding day such as: How many guests are you going to have? Will you be renting a tent? What type of dinner will you be serving? We all know that location is what determines the whole "feel" of your celebration, so why not streamline the process?

By listing our private estate venues on Wedding Spot, we are thrilled to make the experience interactive and easy for our clients, while reaching new brides everywhere!

Wedding Spot CEO and Co-Founder Tina Hoang-To on her Wedding day!

Says Hoang-To, "We're excited to be teaming up with Estate Weddings & Events to further our mission of making it easier for future brides and grooms to plan their perfect wedding without all the stress. Together we are bringing the highest level of innovation to the wedding industry," said Tina Hoang-To, CEO & Co-Founder of Wedding Spot. "Wedding Spot users have enjoyed the luxury of being able to efficiently search, price and compare hundreds of wedding venues in various cities and access the information that they need without making a single phone call. Now, we are thrilled to be making EWE's many exclusive estate available to our newly engaged couples so they can have their dream wedding at a truly unique setting."

Estate Wedding Venue

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Estate Weddings & Events Jamie Ehrsam says, “We are excited to team up with Wedding Spot so more couples have access to luxury estates for their special day. Together we are revolutionizing the wedding industry and helping brides discover new and unique wedding venues.”

For more information about Wedding Spot, or to see our estate venues listed there, visit the website!