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With the launch of, we wanted to feature the branch of our company that started it all for us: Estate Weddings and Events - our first venture into unique private venues for all occasions.

Sanctuary estate rancho santa fe event venue

Estate Weddings and Events is our full service venue management side of the company. Estate Weddings and Events specializes in managing private estates that are available for corporate events, weddings, filming, and more! Estate Weddings and Events curates venues primarily in the southern California area, with the focus in San Diego.


Rancho Santa Fe

Every venue that Estate Weddings and Events manages has been hand selected and must meet the EWE Standard of Excellence. This means that they meet the list of criteria, which EWE determined would make the estate the perfect event venue.

Estate Weddings and Events provides complete on-site management for each event as well as oversees the property and any issues that may arise during the course of the event so that we can ensure that it goes smoothly for all.


Whether you are interested in listing your home with EWE, or if you are considering renting one of our locations for your event, rest assured that the EWE team has your best interest at heart. Estate Weddings and Events is dedicated to the success of every event and the satisfaction of our clients.

Sanctuary estate rancho santa fe wedding venue

To meet the EWE team and view our current portfolio of venues available for private events, please visit our page here on Venuelust. You can also find helpful blog articles regarding past events we've hosted as well as FAQs regarding hosting an estate wedding or listing your home with us.

Hacienda Loma in Point Loma

Hacienda Loma in Point Loma

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