When searching for design inspiration or design principles to follow, sometimes it is most beneficial to look beyond the greats of the event planning industry. By looking to other inspired designers, whether they are in fashion or interior design, can help to focus the details of your event to create a cohesive plan for your event. We asked Couture Events' owner, Krystel Tien, a bit about her favorite fashion, interior design, and event planning inspirations and where she finds inspiration for her events...

Who do you admire most in the world of Fashion, Design, and Event Planning?

Event Planning:   In the world of event planning I most admire Mindy Weiss. She is a coordinator to the stars and so passionate about her events. Time and time again I am wowed by what she creates. I admire her work and the business she has built. Her blog is incredible (definitely a daily read or "look" as she mostly posts photos) and she   recently wrote a wonderful book, "The Wedding Book." I am always so excited to see what she will do next!

Interior Designer:   I adore Rachel Ashwell, Queen of shabby chic; she is my favorite interior designer. I love the shabby chic style and the warm feelings that come with it. With white washed glamour, chandeliers, soft pastels, textured wood, and vintage books, she creates dreamlike spaces. I love the idea of creating a dreamlike space for our clients, shabby chic or not. I had the chance to  meet Rachel Ashwell once while she was here in San Diego: such a sweetheart and design visionary!

Stylist:   I love Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist and designer. She is a stylist to many celebrities and just came out with her own clothing line. I love the way she works, paying close attention to every detail: every ring and every bracelet matters. We take the same approach with weddings and events, every detail matters, down the the fork. She uses contrasting elements, such as combining chunky with soft and delicate, and we think this is a concept that should apply to every aspect of an event.

Designer:   Last but not least, Coco Chanel is our greatest fashion inspiration. Her pieces are timeless, sophisticated, and treasured! Everything she creates is couture, one of a kind, and handmade! We think when you look back on your event 50 years from now you should still be able to say, wow that was gorgeous! Not... what was I thinking! Coco?s pieces have only gotten better over time and are even more respected and appreciated now!

Where do you find inspiration for your events?

I get my inspiration from the world around me, from a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous painting, fashion, different parts of the world and cultures, and of course Pinterest.

I took a trip to Europe this past summer and I was so inspired by every place we went, London, Paris, and Versailles. After being in these places I could create a million events just from the wonders I saw on the trip. I have also traveled to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Mexico, and the Carribean and each of these locations has affected how I design and create events.

I also thrive off of my clients; we sometimes ask them to bring in one item that defines what they want for their wedding day! I love when they bring me one little thing that tells their story. I can look at an item and see the entire event, not just the item. It’s always a beautiful glimpse into their life. For example, imagine a Cameo inspiring an entire Versailles-esque event or a vintage rhinestone necklace inspiring an event of classic glamour.