Whether in the office, out on site tours, or working actual events, the staff at Estate Weddings and Events/ Estate Event Group are concerned with everything estates. Given that each of us have our own specific tastes, preferences, and experiences, we thought that we would share what estates are our favorites. Read on (in the multi-part series) to hear from the people behind the estates...

Willa Kroll (Northern California Representative): The Caballo Estate in Los Altos Hills, Santa Clara County

"Being a woman from Northern California, I preface my favoritism for the Caballo Estate with a dash of known bias sprinkled on top.  Regardless of this inconsequential fact, I think many would agree the Caballo is quite simply "picture perfect." The crisp beauty of tan shingles adorning this classic barn-style home allows for quite the variety of events. Whether you feel at home in a Martha's Vineyard ranch sipping a glass of chilled wine and viewing a rousing game of Cricket or the centerpieces for your family-style dining consist of tin watering cans filled with sunflowers, you're in the right place. Admittedly jumping the gun, I've secretly planned my engagement photos atop a few barrels of hay smiling at the camera with a dozen yellow roses scattered around. "


Brittany Steele (Central Coast Event Coordinator): The Abbey Estate in Montecito, Santa Barbara

"My favorite estate is the Abbey. I think the ocean views are breathtaking and make for the perfect photo setting for a couple exchanging their vows. Candle lights and vases of flowers around the pool provide for a most romantic landscape against the setting sun. After the sun sets and the party starts, dancing under the stars with the twinkly lights in the trees is extremely enchanting. The Abbey estate is not only impressive and beautiful but it provides you with the privacy you would want for a special intimate event. The entire setting should be described as upscale fairy tale."