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Earlier this month, TripAdvisor® released their Fourth Annual Vacation Rental survey results to reveal a growing trend of vacation go-ers interested in vacation rentals for overnight accommodations. In fact, the numbers showed nearly half of respondents (49 percent) have stayed or are planning to stay in a rental home in 2013, compared to last year's 46% and 2011'2 40%.

Vacation planners are just catching on with discovering the exclusive amenities of a private home.  The experience is luxuriously inimitable - like staying in a spotless mansion with 5-star hotel features without any one around to bother you! If you have never stayed at one, now is the chance.

Pinpointing and booking vacation homes has long been an under-the-radar or DIY travel method. This is why a service such as ours makes planning processes easier while we do all the weeding out for you. If you are still intimidated by the thought of staying in someone else's home, here are some numbers on what past renters are doing across the world...

Want to know where you stand compared to other travelers?

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Vacation Rental or a Hotel?

Those who took the survey agreed that vacation rentals can be an excellent alternative to a hotel stay. Respondents cited the following factors as those most likely to sway them toward booking a vacation rental over a hotel:

-- Savings (82 percent)

-- Last-minute deals (82 percent)

-- Traveling with a large group (19 percent)

-- More living space (15 percent)

-- Booking a trip for one week or longer (11 percent)

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Benefits of a Vacation Rental --

The survey further revealed that travelers are especially pleased with the unique offerings that vacation rentals often provide. Respondents said they like the following attributes best:

-- Access to a full kitchen and/or laundry room (31 percent)

-- More living space (27 percent)

-- Feels like home (10 percent)

-- More family-friendly (10 percent)

-- Low prices (seven percent)

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Get it Together --

Families and group travelers are most drawn to rental homes, citing the above benefits as their biggest motivators.

Of those surveyed:

-- Seventy-five percent indicate they have shared a rental home with family on past trips

-- Sixty-two percent say they choose to stay in a vacation rental property when they are traveling with family or a large group

-- When traveling on a family vacation, 89 percent prefer to stay in a vacation rental

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Aspirational Escapes --

When it comes to dream vacations, respondents revealed a taste for the traditional, citing a beachfront villa (53 percent), mountain cabin (11 percent) and city apartment (10 percent) as the vacation rental types they'd most like to try.  The more unique options of a private castle or private island appeared further down the list.

As for the luxury features often found in vacation rentals, travelers said a private beach would most tempt them to book:

-- Private beach (25 percent)

-- Amazing view (18 percent)

-- Private pool (18 percent)

-- Large outdoor deck/patio (11 percent)

-- Personal chef (seven percent)

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Popular Vacation Spots & Times --

Among survey respondents planning a rental stay this year, the most popular U.S. regions are the Southeast (33 percent), followed by the Southwest (16 percent) and the Northeast (12 percent). For travelers that are opting for a vacation rental stay outside the U.S., 62 percent will be vacationing in Europe, 25 percent in the Caribbean and 15 percent in Mexico.

In 2013, 37 percent of survey respondents say they plan to stay at a rental property for at least a week.  Summer is the most popular vacation season, with 54 percent of travelers planning rental home stays between June and August, followed by 41 percent of respondents planning trips this fall (between September to November).

Information from TripAdvisor Press Release

Being pampered at a hotel or boutique inn is always a treat, but there’s nothing like staying in a world renowned home all to yourself.

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