Rose Bowl special events

Last week, we highlighted the amazing events surrounding San Diego's Holiday Bowl.

This week we are going to tell you about how you can turn the most famous college football game of the year into the backdrop for a memorable special event.

Of course, I am talking about the Rose Bowl.

Held in Pasadena each January, the game has been played annually since 1916.

This year's game will take place on New Year's Day afternoon, and the famous Roses Parade will be held earlier in the day.

Tens of millions of people will tune in to watch the bowl on television...but wouldn't it be better to be inside the stadium to see the spectacle in person?

Rose Bowl

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Despite its elite status amongst bowl games, you don't have to be a celebrity or college football insider to enjoy a VIP Rose Bowl and Rose Parade experience.

A ticketed-guest-only luncheon takes place right outside the famous Rose Bowl Stadium on New Year's Eve day.

Tickets are $90 this year.

In addition to dining with the teams, well-known sportscasters and football journalists will offer insight into the game and members of the  Tournament of Roses “Royal Court” will be on hand to help preview the following day's parade.

Rose Bowl

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On game day, you can give yourself a VIP experience at the Rose Bowl Hospitality Village.

Located right outside the stadium, this area features a fabulous buffet, live entertainment, and the chance to meet past Rose Bowl players who made a name for themselves during the game.

For people who want to really immerse themesvles in the Tournement of Roses, there are even more options.

A pre-parade float-viewing event will be held on December 28th.

The horses that will take part in the parade will be showcased on the 29th.

The marching bands, from high schools, towns, and colleges all around the country, perform during special Bandfest events in the days leading up to the big game as well.

Rose Bowl events

With all the pageantry and the history surrounding the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade, this is the perfect time of year to host your own rose-themed event.

Estate Weddings and Events has several nearby estates that can turn a luncheon, after-parade party, or special event into an experience that can rival any other event that surrounds the Rose Bowl.

The Rooftop Gardens, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, only a short drive from Pasadena, is the idea place for a post-game cocktail party or a rose-themed holiday event.

This outdoor space provides stunning views of Downtown Los Angeles, and the tranquil, stylish surroundings will bring a certain elegance to the proceedings thanks to the designer furnishing and the venue's namesake gardens.

Onsite event staff, caterers, and optional indoor areas make it possible to host a very memorable party with a minimum of effort on your part.

The Rooftop Gardens can host up to 300 people.

Los Angeles Events

If you really want to give your event a feel of exclusivity, then the Chateau de Beverly Hills is a great option.

Located in the heart of one of LA's most upscale suburbs, this 36,000 square foot venue puts a premium on extravagance.

Intricate relief work (including 24-karat gold gilt), marble floors, numerous chandeliers, and European-style marble columns make the Chateau feel more like a palace than an event estate.

The garden-like lawns also provide outdoor space for your event.

Rose Bowl special events

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We have many other Los Angeles area and Southern California estates that you can rent to host your own bowl-related event, New Year's Eve party, or holiday luncheon.

You can find exactly the kind of estate that you are looking for on our special California listing page.

Your Turn...

Are you attending the Rose Bowl Game or the Rose Parade this year?  What events are you most looking forward to seeing?  Use the comments section to let us know what you are planning.