Experiencing St. Barts in La Banane Style

These days it seems impossible to find bona fide style, but an exclusive 1950s Parisian-inspired boutique hotel stands out among the stock. La Banane on St. Barts is a retro-chic hotel made up of nine distinct and artistic bungalows that are nothing short of tres chic.

Situated in perhaps the most elegant and exclusive of the Caribbean Islands, La Banane embodies the smart style of St. Barts. St Barts is the place to go for pristine white-sand beaches, soothing turquoise waters, and gourmet restaurants. While staying at La Banane, exploring the fabulous world of St Barts comes naturally.

Staying at La Banane. 

Founded by Jean-Marie Riviere, a leader of the Parisian cabaret world, it attracted Paris-based celebrities in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, it maintains not only its luxe flair but also has a storied past that radiates through artwork and carefully selected furnishings.

La Banane, St. Barts

The stories you'll find at La Banana are too cool to snub. You can imagine Brigitte Bardot sitting in Le Corbusier-inspired rosewood and teak furniture. In fact the central pool with a show-piece island was where celebrities often hobnobbed and partied away from the island's paparazzi.

La Banane, St. Barts

The boutique hotel is so artistically inclined that each bungalow is named after an artist, designer, or craftsman. And taste is never sacrificed-- Hungarian designer Mathieu Mategot and artist Alexander Calder are favorites at La Banane.

La Banane, St. Barts

Completely renovated by its current Belgian owners since the days of Riviére the bungalows are unique and luxurious. You'll find white and pastel blue tiles, open bathrooms, art books, hand-painted walls, and vintage furniture. Plus, each bungalow is complete with a private terrace and both indoor and outdoor showers. Poster king-sized beds are draped in linens and accompanied by modern amenities such as air conditioning, plasma screen televisions, and iPod docking stations.

La Banane, St. Barts

Just a skip away from L 'Orient Bay, you'll find gourmet cuisine at your fingertips. The villa's concierge is prepared to aid guests with everything from grocery shopping or car rentals to reserving scuba lessons.


For a taste of France ($): La Petite Colombe is a local patisserie based in L 'Orient (although it also has locations in Gustavia and Colmbier). Get your morning coffee and pick up their special freshly baked breads and pastries such as croissants and pain au chocolat. We suggest picking up sandwich in the morning too, which range from ham and cheese to curried chicken salad, as they are usually sold out well before lunch time! This is a great place to get a little taste of France but be aware, they are hot commodities!

La Banane, St. Barts

Courtesy of sulia.com

For a St Barts Classic ($$): Le Bête à Z'ailes located at Gustavia Harbor serves up some of the finest sushi, sashimi, and maki. Not only is the food here delicious the ambience is stunning-- some even find it worth grabbing a pre-dinner drink to enjoy the sunset at "Baz Bar", as insiders call it. Plus, if you're a fan of jazz music you'll love their live band!

La Banane, St. Barts

Courtesy of hello-stbarth.com

For dining like the locals ($$): Le Grain de Sel is an open-air restaurant led by Chef Eddy Coquin that offers an authentic Creole menu for dinner. Located on L 'Orient next to the old Salines this is a must-try for an authentic dinner seasoned by salty air. Opt for their most praised classic roasted chicken with thyme and rosemary sauce or the whole-roasted fish with creole and ginger butter sauce. Plus, the view from the restaurant is impeccable, see the photo below!

La Banane, St. Barts

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Enjoy the Grand Cul De Sac -- Celebrated as one of the best beaches in the world, the Grand Cul De Sac is a highly protected bay surrounding still turquoise waters that wash up on pristine white sands. It's waters are so calm and warm they resemble that of a personal plunge pool!

La Banane, St. Barts

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Go snorkeling at L 'Orient: Praised for its vibrant sea life, the waters of L 'Orient make for exciting snorkeling adventures. You can even experience wildlife by just watching the turtles scull on the sand!

La Banane, St. Barts

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Hang with celebrities at Baie de St Jean: The bay at St Jean is known as a place to "see and be seen". While this beach is backed by restaurants and families often go here, it's waters are extremely protected and it attracts only A-listers. It's stunning reefs make this a popular place for both in and out of the water sight seeing.

La Banane, St. Barts

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St Barts is all about style and La Banane does it right. Staying at the boutique hotel will not only promise a seamless stay but an immersion in chic art and culture. More than just hype, La Banane is bona fide St. Barts style.

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