4 Gorgeous Types of Fall Wedding Bouquets for Your Autumn Nuptials

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When you think of flowers, what season do you think of?

You probably said spring, because of that whole "April showers bring May flowers" proverb. You may have even thought of summer, when growing is in full swing and you can see a variety of colors displayed in the fields, gardens, and stores.

However, different kinds of flowers are available other times of the year, too, including the fall. That means if you're getting married in this season, you have lots of fall wedding bouquets to choose from.

While you may not be able to use all those bright, cheery colors, there's a lot you can work with to create the bouquet of your dreams. Fall wedding bouquets are usually set apart by their rich colors and full, varied textures, which means you can use a large selection of buds instead of feeling restricted to a select few.

There are even some fun, non-floral elements you can add to mix things up a bit!

So to help you get started picking out what you're going to carry down the aisle, here are 5 different styles of fall wedding bouquets, each as visually arresting as the next:


When you want that classic, remembered-forever feel, look into traditional fall wedding bouquets.

These are characterized by their red, brown, and orange hues, and contain flowers like poppies, dahlias, roses, and calla lilies. Oftentimes, you find berries, grasses, lotus pods, cotton, and lamb's ear, too, for some seasonal variety. You see these kinds of arrangements and immediately think, "Ah, yes. That's a fall wedding bouquet for sure!"


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Your combination possibilities here are more limited than other types of fall wedding bouquets, but that makes things simpler and less stressful on you. All you have to do is talk to your florist about the bouquet, and it's likely that he or she will have everything needed to make it without having to run around town or make special orders.

Additionally, if you pick flowers in season, you save some cash! Which is always great, especially if you were hoping to invest more in your venue or catering, for example.

Traditional Fall Wedding Bouquets

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Traditional With a Color Twist

Some brides don't want to stick to the traditional style only, but would like to spice it up just a bit.

It's easy to transform "normal" fall wedding bouquets into something a little more non-conformist. For example, red and orange aren't the only fall colors you have to work with; many brides choose to incorporate dark blues, greens, pinks, and purples into their fall wedding bouquets.

Traditional With a Color Twist Fall Wedding Bouquets

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Color Twist Fall Wedding Bouquets

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You can even have a little more fun with your color palette and bring in some metal tones. Your best options that reflect the season (and will be easier to find) are bronze, copper, pewter, brass, and gunmetal. Gold and silver work, too, especially if you're getting married closer to the holidays.

Adding these colors will help your bouquet pop a bit more. Just make sure you don't add too many kinds, or your color scheme will seem overwhelming.

 Fall Wedding Bouquets with a Color Twist

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Then there are those brides who want to add an extra bit of flair.

If that's you, fall wedding bouquets can look incredible when you choose to go with unique concoctions. You can stick to natural elements and choose a bouquet made out of leaves and twigs, a combination of leaves and berries, or even bundle some wheat or lavender together with a burlap wrap for that rustic touch.

Unique Fall Wedding Bouquets

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Fall Wedding Bouquets that are Unique

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Some brides still want the flowers, but don't want them to blatantly look like fall. In this case, choose light-colored flowers with a spattering of dark hues here and there. And look into some plant options that aren't so typical either, like succulents, purple artichokes, and kale flowers.

Unique Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Unique Fall Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

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And don't forget; it's harvest season! Consider carrying a bouquet that incorporates apples, pears, squash, or pumpkins instead of flowers. Throw in some turkey feathers and you've got a piece truly reminiscent of the season.

Original Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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By now, you've probably seen lots of non-floral bouquets made of buttons, jewels, crystals, and more.

Brides opt for non-floral options when they would rather stand apart from the crowd entirely, and they work just as well for fall wedding bouquets. Love pearls? Mix ivory or white pearls with darker-toned ones to make a classy impact. Love feathers? You can make almost any kind of feather bouquet you want.

Non-Floral Fall Wedding Bouquets

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There are lots of other great non-floral ideas for fall wedding bouquets, too. For example, you could carry pine cones. While this is usually a winter wedding idea, it works well for those having late fall weddings, too. Mix in some of those fall leaves and some wheat, and you'll be good to go.

Fall Wedding Bouquets that are Non-Floral

You could also choose to have your bouquet made entirely of fabric flowers. Because fall fabrics tend to be richer in color and heavier in weight, you can get a lot of depth if you mix and match colors and weight, like putting velvet in with some lace and silk.

And one of the newer bouquet ideas that would look incredible with the right bride and wedding theme is a wire bouquet. Get one of these made in one of those snazzy colors mentioned above and you'll be sure to receive lots of compliments.

Fall Wedding Bouquets Ideas for the Non-Floral Bride

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Your Turn...

Looking at all your options for fall wedding bouquets, suddenly all those brightly-colored stems and petals from the spring and summer don't seem so amazing after all.

You chose a fall wedding for a reason, and it's likely one of those is because you simply love that time of year. So embrace it with a gorgeous wedding bouquet that you won't want to set aside when the bonfires start crackling at the reception!

Which style of fall wedding bouquets do you think you'll choose from for your wedding?